24 hr Emergency no.
+91 2067606060


  • 24-Hour availability

  • General Enquiry, Complaints, Suggestions

  • Information about Consultants / Doctors

  • LOCAL / STD / Phone facility

  • ATM

  • 24-Hour availability

  • Bill may change depending upon the type of room you select. If the patient is shifted to ICU, charges will be changed.

  • Please the submit necessary documents related to Insurance and Company Patients etc. on the first day of your admission.

  • Please check your outstanding bill every day at the billing department and pay some amount daily.

  • For expensive treatments (Cardiac, Neuro etc.) you need to deposit a certain amount in advance.

  • Refunds are normally paid by cheque only.

  • We accept payment by Cash or by Credit & Debit Card. Cheques are not accepted.

  • The Company, Medi-Claim, and patients covered under any other reimbursement scheme are requested to inform us in advance.

  • 24-Hour availability

  • Pharmacy is managed by qualified Pharmacists round the clock.

  • Unused and sealed medicines and surgical items are taken back, and a refund is made without any deductions.

    [Timing: 2:00PM - 6:00PM]

  • Discount Schemes:

    A) Discount of 5% is offered to Senior Citizens.

    B) Discount of 5% is offered to Aarogya Vishwa Card Holders.

  • 24-Hour availability

  • We provide whole blood as well as blood components like packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelet rich plasma, platelet concentrate and cryo precipitate.

  • The Public Relations Department is always there to attend to your complaints and suggestions.

  • The PRO department will also help you with Medical Certificates, Insurance Claim Forms (and all related issues), Periodical / Routine Medical Check-ups.


  • The Cafeteria serves all types of Indian dishes and meals (Vegetarian only).

  • Room Service is available between 7:30AM - 9:30PM.

  • Patients have an option of getting a Balanced Therapeutic diet from our Hospital's Nutrition & Diet System. Please contact the Nursing Counter or Dietician (Extn. 5901 request to transfer call)

  • A detailed list of the food items and diet instructions are available in all rooms & wards.

* We sincerely maintain highest Hygiene Standards for all food preparation and services.


  • Know your health status - We have several Health check-up packages. Please contact Reception to select a suitable package for you.

  • Health check-up is done quickly, efficiently and it is offered at discounted rates.

  • 24-Hour availability

  • Pick and Drop facility available for patients from home to hospital and vice-versa.

  • Devoted Cardiac Trauma Ambulance with expert medical assistance.

  • Cardiac ambulance equipped with: First Aid Box, Oxygen Cylinder, Defibrillator, Ventilator, Suction Pump, Pulse Oxymeter, BP Units, Monitors, Scope Stretchers, Trolley Stretchers, Special types of lights inside the ambulance for small operations, and other required equipment.

  • Paramedical Staff accompanying the Cardiac / Trauma Ambulance Doctors (Expert in EMS), Male Nurse / Brother, Ward boy or Attendant Available OR on-call basis. 


  • One A4 size photo-copy is charged at Rs. 1/-

  • 24-Hour availability

  • Highly dedicated and experienced emergency doctors and staff working round the clock.