Maternity, Child Care & Fertility Services

Being a parent is a chapter in anyone’s life that’s full of celebration yet fraught with risks. It demands great care, gentleness and supervision for the entire duration of pregnancy and early childhood and focus on the health and well being of both the child and the mother.

VishwaRaj Hospital pays special attention to the journey of a parent during all it’s phases providing the confidence that the mother and her child are in the safest hands allowing the family to relax and celebrate the arrival of a new life.

With a dedicated maternity & child care floor, VishwaRaj Hospital boasts of a modern comprehensive Labour, Delivery, Recovery & Post-Partum Unit (LDRP) which ensures timely & safe care for both mother & child. A state of art Neonatal ICU (NICU) equipped with modern technology & manned by 24-hours team of doctors & nurses helps save precious newborn lives.