Orthopedics, Spine & Joint Replacement

One of the foremost areas of need, in view of our location, is orthopedic trauma care. Our teams and technology enables us to start treatment right on site of trauma and continue it within the hospital premises.

Spinal conditions of traumatic, degenerative/age related or infective nature are treated using various open and minimally invasive endoscopic techniques to provide quick healing and recovery.

Age related degenerative joint conditions are treated with various modalities of treatment e.g. pain clinics and physiotherapy in the beginning, minimally invasive surgeries later on and curative surgeries for advanced joint diseases like knee & hip replacement surgeries. Our joint replacement specialty is furnished with modern surgical units, capable teams and cutting edge physiotherapy services. During the stay the supportive services like ICU, Blood Bank and multi-specialty care units ensure safe, comfortable and complication free treatments. Also a variety of stay option allow you to recover in the maximum comfort and care.

Great orthopedic treatment goes hand in hand with effective physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Our indoor and out-door physiotherapy services are designed to restore our patients to their mobility and active lives quickly as possible.