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Dietetics & Nutrition


Good nutrition is vital for good health, disease prevention and essential for healthy growth. The Dietician at VishwaRaj Hospital creates awareness among patients & care takers about importance of healthy eating & its importance for patients' speedy recovery. The Department caters planned & hygienic therapeutic diets in co-ordination with experienced consultants. 


Dr. Shraddha Khuspe

BHMS, PGD(Dietics and Nutrition)

Surgery and Procedures

The Department of nutrition offers OPD and IPD consultations including patient education programme.

The Department caters to patient in personalized manner considering their special needs & helping in treatment of various disorders :

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Heart related problems

  • Geriatric nutrition

  • Gastrointestinal disorders (acidity etc.)

  • Liver & kidney related problems

  • Neurological disorders

  • Cancer

  • Pre/post natal nutrition

  • Pediatric Nutrition

  • Food allergies

  • Competitive sports nutrition


IPD Services -

  • Critical care nutrition Ryle’s tube (RT) feeds/ PEG feeds, etc.

  • Individual patient’s consultations, referrals from other consultants


Special Clinic -

  • Diabetes Clinics with a General Physician, Physiotherapist and a Diabetes cell team