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Easy Tips to maintain your Cosmetic Surgery Results

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Making a life-changing decision about going through plastic surgery is not an easy decision. You are not only investing money in it; you are also investing time and hope. So it is necessary to care for it for the process to complete smoothly. At the same time, you do not want to mess up the treatment for it to reverse months or years.

You will inevitably experience some slight changes after your surgery over the years. However, there are some ways you can maintain your results even after a long time. It will help you retain whatever surgery you have gone through like liposuction, breast augmentation, or gynecomastia surgeries.  

8 Ways to maintain your result

Following are the ways through which you can keep looking and feeling great about your surgery result.

Care for your skin

Maintaining and paying proper attention to your post-surgical phase helps in avoiding condition like scarring. Many methods help in the recovery of the affected area as a post-operation requirement. Moreover, avoid using strong and harsh cleaners as it could damage your body. Besides, it can also be worse the condition by creating an infection.

To maintain the result, follow the guideline set by your surgeon and also the post-surgery instruction. Moreover, do not forget to clean the surgical area regularly to maintain skin health. Also, avoid consuming tobacco, or stressing too much, and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Practice healthy routine

If you have gone through body contouring or weight loss process, the result will be tremendous and highly noticeable. This process can involve thigh lift, breast lift, body lift, arm lift, tummy tuck, or other contouring types. However, after reaching the final stage of the process, you will be evening out with smoother contour. Also, the result includes weight loss and beautiful body appearance.

But to keep up the beautiful appearance, you have to protect it with a healthy routine. So, make sure you eat a properly balanced diet and make it your duty to hit the gym. However, if you continue to fail your healthy routine soon, those pockets of fat will return. Constant weight loss and gain can harm the surgery result.

Quit smoking

Quitting smoking is the first thing to do even before going for the surgery. Smoking is always bad for your health; it brings no good. Moreover, it will increase harmful effects on your recent surgery result if you continue the bad habit. Thus, people who smoke post-operation suffer complication during recovery from the operation. This complication is because of the nicotine consumed that fills up the body with toxins.

Ultimately, smoking blocks the source of fresh oxygen which helps to heal the damaged tissue after surgery. Additionally if your recently undergone botox procedure you will notice wrinkles and lines appearing on your skin. These wrinkles are the result of your smoking habit.

Watch out sun

Maintaining the result of skin surgery is very difficult and can be tricky sometimes. The difficulty multiplies if you are having the surgery at the spring or summer. Too much sun exposure is not suitable for your skin because, at that point, it is sensitive because of recent surgery. This exposure can also increase infection in the surgical area causing it. Moreover, it can bring about unwanted irritation and itchiness.

Staying far away from the direct sun is the best idea to follow after plastic surgery. It is the best possible way to maintain the result for long and to avoid any reverse condition. However, if it is not feasible for you to avoid the sun, then cover yourself up with appropriate clothing.

Also, wear a hat and sunglass. The more you protected your surgical area; the faster healing takes place. You can also rub sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher for extra protection.

Do not miss any points mentioned by your surgeon.

You need to follow every single instruction led down by your surgeon. Every plastic surgeon has a way to maintain the result of cosmetic surgery for many years. They have a plan for every type of surgery, and depending on the variety the method varies. The procedure usually contains post-operative instructions too. So make sure you get it before you carry out your surgery.

Make sure you are following the correct supplements and medication, and also maintaining the time. Wear appropriate clothing as mentioned and follow the cleaning instruction of scars and incision. Consult the doctor if you need a massage for any affected areas.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is capable of ruining several years of care and protection in just a few times. They affect either by adding extra weight or reducing too much of it. Moreover, during the process, you will experience extreme agony and pain that can’t get normal. So it is best to avoid alcohol for several months until you completely heal. However, if you are, an addict quit the bad habit to avoid any more complication.

Keep yourself busy

Sitting idle and doing nothing sometimes increase the pain as all your attention is on the operated area. Therefore, try to indulge in an activity you like the most but do not require hard work. This way, you can maintain the peace of your mind and will also not feel pain.

A routine visit to the doctor

A routine visit is essential to keep in check the pace in which you are recovering. The doctor will be able to judge how well you are taking the overall recovery. Additionally, make sure you are not missing any of the initial appointments when the cases of complications are pretty high. This habit will benefit now and in the future to maintain the result for a long time.


These many points mentioned above help you maintain the surgery result for long, i.e. more than usual. It helps you retain the extended beauty and your new appearance for quite long. So make sure you follow it and keep in mind every point mentioned above.  

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