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Things not to do while on chemotherapy

Women after Chemotherapy - VishwaRaj Hospital

Chemotherapy is a treatment that the cancer patient goes through to kill the cancer cell. In chemotherapy, the doctor uses different types of drugs or chemicals to cure the disease. However, there are some downsides of the process which the cancer patient has to suffer. This side-effect is because, in the process, many healthy cells also die. Therefore, you require extra care and protection to avoid any further damage to the body.

Things to avoid after chemotherapy

Most of the patients are unaware of what they should and should not do after going through chemotherapy. However, the doctors and physicians explain to their patients how to deal with the treatment they are not very clear. So here are some points you should avoid no matter what:

  • Avoid crowded ambiance

After going through chemotherapy, it is not like you should avoid socializing events. It’s just that avoid the crowded place. It would help if you avoided it because you are not in your best health. So, avoid theatre, mall, or house party with too many people as you get exposed to a lot of infection.

Instead, you can change your lifestyle by visiting the park for fresh air and hanging out in relaxed strolls. These help boost your immunity and give you a supply of fresh oxygen. However, avoid places which contain high pollution.

  • Do not go for canned food.

After going through chemo, your immunity level will be shallow. So to boost it you require fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating canned food as it is deficient in antioxidants, which can help you recover faster. Instead, increase the intake of ginger, aloe-vera, and garlic as it reduces inflammation. In addition to these, also eat berries and consume herbal tea for more help.

  • Food that you should avoid

Paying close attention to what you eat can help you recover faster and better. Thus, there are some food items you should altogether avoid they are:

  1. Avoid cold cuts, including raw hot dog or deli lunch meat. Remember to always heat your food before eating, and the meat should be steaming hot.
  2. Do not consume raw or unpasteurized milk or other dairy product. 
  3. Never consume unwashed fresh vegetables and fruits. These food items hide much dirt that is not visible to naked eyes. So make sure to wash it before eating it.
  4. Avoid some fish, whether cooked or not, as they include the content of mercury in them.
  5. Do not eat a raw egg or any food item made from a raw egg-like raw cookie dough.

You should avoid anything unpasteurized or raw food. Also, consult with your doctor when you can continue your regular food habit in the future.

  • Avoid sharing items with others.

This restriction in sharing is not because cancer is a contagious disease. But because after going through chemo, you will have a weak immunity system. Therefore, if you get an infection, you will not be able to recover. So avoid using or lending other towels, napkins, cloth, or any such things even if they are your family member. Sharing personal items can increase the chance of you getting an infection.

  • Do not miss medication timing.

Chemotherapy has a lot of side-effects; however, you can reduce it by taking proper medications. You are already exposed to a lot of side-effects after chemo. On top of this, if you miss your pills, it can be a big blunder.

Even if you are not feeling the side-effect, it is appropriate to continue the pill prescribed by your doctor. Please do not attempt to stop it in the middle or miss it once a week or so like it will not matter. You never know how it may react.

  • Do not avoid signs of infection.

Apart from fever, some other signs or symptoms indicate that you are experiencing an infection. If you do notice any indication, don’t avoid it. The symbols include sore throat, cough and cold, soreness, stiffness in the neck, nasal congestion, and redness in the incision area. In addition to this, you can also experience abdominal pain, unusual vaginal discharge, pain while peeing, and frequent urination.

Thus, if you experience such symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Do not commit the mistake of ignoring it as it might have enormous consequences.

  • Never miss counseling sessions.

After chemotherapy, people dwell in mood changes, depression, and other stressful situations. So you need to attend every counseling session to deal with all your weakness. It will help reduce irritability, uneasiness, weakness, and other such problem. By avoiding it, you are increasing your problem.

  • Do not hide anything from your doctor.

You should not hide anything from your doctor as he will guide you more if he knows everything. Instead, please note the problem you are suffering from and share it with him in the next session. Do not shy or fear anything, and keep it to yourself. The doctor needs to know the whole scenario.

  • Do not be lethargic

Do not stay lazy and give excuses like the doctor has asked you to rest. Nobody is asking you to go jogging or running. But at least you can maintain your body’s circulation by keeping walking or moving in the room. It helps in regaining vigor and boosting blood circulation. Even a stroll in your house will do the work.

  • Do not avoid your hygiene.

Do not ignore your hygiene, especially after going through chemo. It is because the chemical process kills your RBCs and WBCs along with your cancer cell as well. As a result, you are at a higher chance of getting an infection. Thus, you need to maintain your hygiene and also your eating habit.


It is essential to keep an optimistic view about getting the treatment. But it is also necessary to take proper precaution and care to avoid any further complication after chemo. Remember to keep a check of the above points after completing your chemo.

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