The COVID-19 pandemic has created dilemmas to all cancer survivors. During this pandemic treatment of patients with cancer and cancer survivors was deferred due to two factors, one due to their immune compromised status and two as all infrastructure in hospitals was for treating COVID-19 patients.

The clinical impact is also that cancer patients and survivors neglect their health ,signs and symptoms and if ignored it may lead to the second stage if the symptoms are not taken care of in the first stage itself for cancer survivors.

The challenge faced by cancer survivors and patients during this pandemic is greater fear of recurrence and as having a weaker immune system to face this pandemic. So to keeping healthy during this pandemic cancer survivors and patients should go for regular follow up and keep a healthy mental state. They should have less stress, take doctors appointments regularly and take all follow up treatment for their disease.

The cancer survivors should take all the steps of protection and safety during the pandemic. They can have support groups to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy at all times.

So during these times it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle but not avoid the doctor and hospital and land up in a worse atate.

So always be safe and strong.