Calcium Rich Non Dairy Foods

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दुधाशिवाय इतर कॅल्शियम स्त्रोत असलेले पदार्थ | Calcium Rich Non Dairy Foods
ह्या संदर्भात Dr Swati Khartode ह्या व्हिडिओच्या माध्यमातून सविस्तर माहिती देणार आहेत .

Calcium Sources Other Than Milk :-

Recommended dietary allowance of calcium for normal person is 1000 mg.
We all know that milk is the best and easy source for calcium, but many people have allergy to milk (lactose intolerance). Also purity of milk is the major concern due to adulteration.
So here is the list of calcium rich food sources other than milk by which daily recommended values will be fulfilled.

1. Ragi (nachani) 3 small/2 big rotis – 400 mg
2. Seasame seeds (til)- 3 tablespoon – 450 mg
*One bowl of following vegetables gives,
3. Amaranth leaves – 300 mg
4. Agathi leaves – 900 mg
5. Drumstick leaves – 350 mg
6. Methi – 300 mg
7. Cluster beans – 150 mg
8. Beans and sprouts – 150 mg

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