Can I get pregnant immediately after laparoscopy?

It would be best if you had a time of few weeks before getting pregnant after going through laparoscopy. You will experience a moderate amount of pain and bloating during the following days of laparoscopy. So, getting pregnant immediately after laparoscopy is not a good idea. It would help if you gave yourself time. The doctors recommend that you should wait until you completely heal your body from the incision area.

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It is essential to recover before performing any physical activity, including intercourse. This course usually varies from a few days to several weeks. Listening to your body is necessary to be safe from any further complications. Take a lot of rest and nutrition to recover faster. However, if you experience pain in intercourse, stop as you need more time to heal. Moreover, if you continue to feel the pain for a long time, discuss it with your doctor.

How to get pregnant fast after the surgery?

Going through laparoscopy surgery can hamper the timeline of you getting pregnant. Laparoscopy can delay the process to about three to four weeks. If you are going out of time for getting pregnant, there are some ways how you can get pregnant fast:

  • Recovery Time: The first thing to do after your surgery is to give it sufficient time to heal. It can take two weeks or so to recover from the surgery. So do not hurry; otherwise, it may take even more time to recover from the complications you may create.
  • Eat a mild diet for a couple of days: After going through the laparoscopy surgery, try a soft diet for the first week at least. The mild diet contains food like toast, juice, jello, and clear liquid like broccoli soup. They make sure to keep your stomach calm. You can resume your normal but healthy diet when you feel it okay to eat it.
  • Avoid intercourse for at least three days: It would be best to avoid sex for a few of the following days after surgery. Moreover, if you experience vaginal discharge, bleeding, or pain, discuss it with your doctor immediately.
  • Track your menstrual cycle: After going through the surgery, keep track of your menstrual cycle. This tracking will help you know the right time to conceive. It can also save you from a couple of failed attempts.
  • Intercourse at the time of ovulation: Once you enter your ovulation cycle, you should start trying to conceive. Ovulation is the time you are most fertile but try only after your body has fully recovered. Also, remember to take a prenatal vitamin and maintain a healthy lifestyle to increase your chances of getting pregnant.


It is quite rare that your laparoscopic surgery will affect your fertility. Moreover, in some cases, it increases the odds of getting pregnant. You need time to recover from the incision pain and any other pain. Take proper rest, eat healthily, and exercise regularly for better and quicker recovery. However, if you face any problem, discuss it with your doctor.

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