Can kidney cancer come back after surgery?

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Kidney cancer can come back to patients who have had and treated with kidney cancer. The patient has completed his initial treatment and continues for many years with no cancer symptoms and detection. However, the treatment’s main aim is to cure cancer entirely with no remaining cancer cells in the body. But sometimes, some cancer cells are left undetected.

These cells then travel to different parts of the body and develop again sometime later. Thus, recurrence of kidney cancer is widespread fear among cancer patients.

Additionally, cancer that might develop in the future is not bound to the kidney area only; it can grow in different body parts. This formation of a cancer cell in a new piece of the body is known as metastasis. However, to monitor the recurrence of cancer following activities can be followed:

  • CT scan
  • Blood test
  • Bone scan
  • Urine test
  • MRI
  • Physical examination

In how long cancer can recur?

Kidney cancer recurrence mostly occurs within the first three months after you have completed the treatment. However, it can happen after several years of treatment too. Moreover, every re-occurrence of kidney cancer is unique and depends from person to person. But you can maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid such conditions. A healthy lifestyle includes losing weight, eating right, and quitting smoking.

How to reduce the risk of kidney cancer recurrence?

A recent study has shown that obesity, hypertension, and smoking tobacco are increasing causes of kidney cancer recurrence risk. Moreover, processed meat and certain analgesics directly affect the cancer cell to multiply in number.

However, fiber-rich food, fruits, coffee, and daily exercise positively affect these cancer cells. Thus, preventing kidney cancer recurrence is to quit smoking and drinking and to live a healthy life. Also, maintain a healthy weight with lots of physical work and ensure a proper food diet.

What if cancer returns?

If cancer does return after some time, you will get a treatment depending on a couple of factors. These factors include the previous treatment strategy, where the cancer cell is, and your health condition. You will get a treatment option of radiation therapy, immunotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, or targeted therapy. Moreover, you might get a combination of these or any other treatment if it fits by your doctor.

Survivorship care plan for your future

It is essential to get a survivorship care plan for yourself by the doctor to ensure recurrence prevention. This plan includes all the aspects of the activity that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are:

  • Properly schedule routine for tests and routine exams.
  • The suggestion of future tests that will check for long-term health effects.
  • A list of risks that you might develop in the future and need to take care of in the future.
  • Listing things that you can follow to improve the health condition.
  • Scheduling appointments with a primary care provider who keeps a check of your general health.


It is very prevalent to get back your cancer, but this does not mean you will wait for it. So, please take the necessary steps and precautions to avoid it. Go for a regular check-up, eat healthily, and stay fit.

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