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Kidney and Life - VishwaRaj Hospital

Can you Live a full life with a Kidney Transplant?

Can you Live a full life with a Kidney Transplant?

Kidney and Life - VishwaRaj Hospital

After having a kidney transplant returning home with the thought of resuming everyday life is shared between people. It is okay to go to movies, attend social occasions, and feel up. It is totally fine to visit your friend’s house. Thus, try to feel normal as much as you can.

But the only difference will be you will have to maintain a limit. Initially, after going through the transplant, you will feel less energetic as you did before. It is because it takes time for the body to recover and adapt to its normal functioning. Taking proper rest and eating fresh fruits and vegetables help recover faster.

Normal life after transplant

After getting a transplant, most people feel like they have got a new life. In other words, people get one more chance to live life. Moreover, after getting a transplant, you are free from the time consuming dialysis. Half of your life gets wasted in this process. So by transplant, you get more time and more freedom. However, there are some things you need to take care of after getting a new kidney.

Diet and exercise

You will be able to notice the difference in your healthy diet during dialysis and after getting a transplant. But the thing that remains constant is maintaining your salt and sugar level. This precaution will help if you are blood pressure or diabetic patient. Also, consult a dietician for a proper diet chart and getting a new kidney.

After the transplant, regular exercise will become an essential part of your life. You will need it for controlling your weight, blood pressure, and also cholesterol level. Also, it helps to reduce stress and maintain your health to avoid any future problems. Thus, it is advisable to take a walk for at least 15-20 minutes each day and increase your capacity gradually. However, do not resume heavy lifting and strenuous exercise until you have entirely recovered from the transplant.

Mental health

For most people getting a transplant is a fascinating and life-changing moment. But it’s normal to experience all kinds of emotion after going through such a major surgery. It is prevalent to experience depression, guilt, and anxiety, but it is not something to fear. Moreover, many transplant patients feel the same way.

  • You will get stressed and anxious about a new style of living your life.
  • Your mood will change in a short period. It is usually a side effect of immunosuppressant medicines.
  • You will feel guilty about getting a kidney from an unknown deceased donor or someone living. Also, the guilt increases if the person is someone very close.
  • Your family will also experience some emotional change seeing you struggling through a new lifestyle.


No matters how down you feel, remember that you have a new life, and you have to live it fully. It will take time to normalize your lifestyle, but it will be worth it. Moreover, you do not have to experience it alone; you will have your family members by your side.

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