The prevalence of heart disease has increased by over 50% from 1990 to 2019 in India, making it the leading cause of disease. Our team at Vishwaraj Hospital strives to be your friend in need, providing compassionate care to ensure the best for your healthy heart. We believe that taking care of your heart should be a priority, not an option or choice. Hence, we measure our success by the number of people who leave us with restored hope of a healthy tomorrow.

Our team of renowned cardiologists, state of the art technology, and excellent support staff work together with a “patient-centric” philosophy, ensuring you always receive the best treatment. We understand the financial strain such conditions can impose on families; hence we have successfully integrated affordability and quality just for our patients. This enables our patients and their family to focus on what is most important for all- your healthy heart!

Cardiology & CVTS Dept.
Treatments & Cure Services
1 Angiography 1 OPD
2 Angioplasty (Heart Stenting) a. Cardiology OPD
3 Device closure b. CVTS OPD
a. Atrial septal defect c. Pediatrics Cardiology OPD
b. Ventricular septal defect d. Pediatric CVTS OPD
c. Patent Ductus Arteriosus
4 Balloon valvotomy 2 OT
a. Mitral valve a. Well equipped Cardiology & CVTS OT
b. Aortic valve b. Well equipped Cardiac Recovery rooms
c. Pulmonary valve
d. Tricuspid valve 3 Cardiac Care Unit
5 Electrophysiology study (EP study) a. Well equipped cardiac care unit
6 Cardiac Catheterization b. 24*7 Cardiologist coverage
c. Pediatric Cardiac Care Unit
d. Cardiac rehabilitation (heart physiotherapy)
7 Pacemaker (permanent/temporary)
8 CABG (Cardiac bypass surgery) 4 Diagnostics for Cardiology & CVTS
9 Valve replacement a. Philips FD 10 machine – (most advanced cath lab machine)
10 Congenital Heart disease – surgeries b. Intra aortic balloon pump
11 Pediatric & Neonatology Cardiac services c. 2D echo
12 Pediatric & Neonatology Cardio thoracic services d. Tread mill test (TMT)
13 Pediatric ASD, PDA, And VSD device closure (Nonsurgical way) e. Holter monitoring
10000 +

Number of cardiac patients treated

5000 +

Number of procedures

1500 +

Angiography + Angioplasty done

Success stories

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