These past few weeks, I’ve faced the dilemma of putting forth a worrisome point at such a crucial time. But ultimately I couldn’t resist writing because along with being a doctor, I’m also the Executive Director at my hospital and have the responsibility to take care of escalating expenses within the organisation.

Hospitals run on the revenue coming in from OPDs, IPDs, surgeries, etc. but we’re all aware that the COVID situation has caused numbers to reduce drastically. In fact, because of this, the entire hospital’s revenue has taken a big hit. Add to this is the additional burden of expenses related to COVID (in the form of PPEs, etc.)

However, expenses still cannot be reduced significantly. With the progress of the disease, a swift recovery from the situation looks questionable. If this continues for another month, meeting expenses might be difficult for new establishments like us

It’s my genuine request to all to understand my dilemma. As a doctor, I feel sad talking about finances rather than focusing on treatment for my patients. Although as the head of the organisation, I have no other option but to raise this point.

As a new establishment, meeting our expenses is completely based on revenue generated from patients. Thus, this situation is not only important from a healthcare perspective but financial one as well

I’d like to take this opportunity to request the Government of India to help the private hospital sector deal with this financially critical phase. I have some suggestions to make which may provide a much needed financial relief.


  • All COVID management requirements can come under the DPCO act (we all know there is non availability of PPEs, Hydroxychloroquine and other disposables required to treat COVID patients. In the market, we’ve witnessed a huge variation in price for available materials. If the government caps the price for these, and ensures availability of these products, we as healthcare workers can work more confidently towards treating patients).
  • Can the government take the burden of diagnostic tests for COVID? It may not be feasible for the hospitals to perform these tests free of cost even if they want to — this can reduce the number of tests performed which can lead to an even more dangerous situation.
  • Subsidies in electricity bills can greatly help reduce the financial burden of healthcare organisations.
  • Subsidies in taxes (if the government can wave off GST on hospital and pharmacy services for the next six months, it will be immensely helpful).
  • The swift release of payments for government schemes can help us tackle our financial hardships.
  • Expediting the insurance process declared by the government for all doctors and nurses who are working in the private sector.

In the end, I would like to conclude that this is a very serious and crucial phase for mankind and as a healthcare worker, I feel proud that I am able to serve humanity. If the government extends support to the private hospital sector, we would be able to contribute more aggressively to deal with the pandemic situation of COVID.

“Together we can, together we will!”