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Since our hospital is located on the highway, we tend to receive a lot of road traffic accident cases with involvement of the brain and nervous system.  

Keeping this in mind, we have ensured a robust Neurosciences department at VishwaRaj. This department, with its 2 branches, Neurosurgery and Neurology are highly competent to diagnose, operate, treat and care for all patients requiring urgent and excellent care.

At VishwaRaj Hospital, brain decompression surgeries are performed with great precision in our fully equipped operation theatres by our senior surgeons with more than 15 years of surgical experience to their credit.

Cerebral (brain) stroke patients are immediately treated (within the “Golden hour” time period) ensuring a good prognosis and rapid postoperative recovery. Our Neurology team provides both Neurodiagnostic and intervention services to address all neurological ailments. This team works in collaboration with diagnostic, surgery and rehabilitation departments to achieve best results and treatments

Neurosurgery & Neurology Treatments & Services At VishwaRaj Hospital

Treatments & Cure

Our Expert Doctors- Department of Neurosurgery and Neurology

Dr Vilas Shingare

10 Years of Working Experience

Dr Vilas Shingare

Neurosurgery & Neurophysiology

MBBS, MD(Gen. Med.), DM(Neuro)
Consultant – Neurology Dept.

Mon, Wed and Sat 11am -1pm

siraj basade

9 Years of Working Experience

Dr Siraj Basade

Neurosurgery & Neurophysiology

MBBS, MS(Gen Sur), DNB(Neurosurgery)
HOD – Neurosurgery Department

Mon, Tue, Thrus and Fri 2pm -4pm

Dr Mahabal shah

15 Years of Working Experience

Dr Mahabal Shah

Neurosurgery & Neurophysiology

HOD – Neurology Dept.

Mon, Tue, Thru and Fri 3pm -4pm

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    Amol Hargude

    My grandmother was admitted for a heart bypass surgery. The surgery went successful at the VishwaRaj Hospital, saving my grandmother’s life at the age of 75. We are very satisfied with the treatment and facilities. Thank you so much for all vishwaRaj Hospital and team.

    Our Health & Diagnostic Packages

    Executive Health Check-Up For Male
    Test Name
    • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
    • Serum Alanine Transaminase (SGPT)
    • Serum Albumin
    • Serum Alkaline Phosphatase
    • Serum Aspartate Transaminase (SGOT)
    • Serum Bilirubin (Total, Direct & Indirect)
    • Serum Creatinine
    • Serum Electrolytes
    • Serum Globulin
    • Serum Protein
    • Thyroid Profile Total (T3,T4&TSH)
    • HBA1C
    • Vitamin B12
    • Vitamin D
    • USG Abdomen & Pelvis
    • Haemogram (Cbc)
    • Psa-Prostate Specific Antigen
    • Dental Consultation(Package)
    • Dietician Consultation (First Visit)
    • Physician Consultation(Package)
    ₹6820/- ₹8525/-
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    Neurology FAQ’s

    What are the Warning Signs of a Stroke?

    A stroke generally occurs when there is an obstruction to the blood flowing to the brain. When this happens, the brain cells start to die. However, the symptoms can vary depending on the area that is deprived of the blood supply.

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