Does your body warn you before a Heart Attack?

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A heart attack usually occurs when the blood cannot flow to the heart smoothly. Also known as myocardial infarction, a heart attack can become lethal quickly. However, due to advanced medical treatments, it is now possible to save people’s life more than before.

Now you might be wondering – does your body give you any warning signs before a heart attack? For this, you need to know that not all attacks are the same. Some come with a wide range of symptoms, while others offer very few. But, there are also some cardiovascular attacks that emerge all of a sudden.

However, in the majority of the cases, the body gives off plenty of warning signs. Generally, these symptoms occur months before the actual attack. You just need to be able to decipher them properly to take preventive steps.

Possible warning signs of a heart attack

In order to prevent a heart attack, you must have an idea about the signs. Check out the list compiled here to know more.

● Insomnia
Though not widely known, insomnia is heavily linked with heart attacks. The fall in the levels of oxygen can cause anxiety, agitation, and insomnia in people having cardiac issues. If you are having a problem sleeping or can’t stay asleep, visiting a specialist might be a good idea.

● Fatigue
Unexplained fatigue can eventually lead to a heart attack. These are more common in women and can last for several days. Remember that this exhaustion is not due to mental or physical exertions. It is different and can extend to even simple tasks such as bathing.

● Difficulty in breathing
The feeling of not having enough air is an actual medical condition termed dyspnoea. It is not an exclusive symptom of a heart attack. You might be experiencing this symptom for numerous other diseases. It occurs in both women and men for more than six months before the actual heart attack.

● Chest pain
Chest pain, though one of the most common signs, affects men and women differently. Even, the intensities are not the same. Also, the pain can gradually extend to the arms, neck, lower jaw, and even the stomach. There might be other reasons contributing to the chest pain, but it is advisable not to ignore it.

● Abdominal pain
Blocked arteries or any other issues can cause poor circulation of blood. As a result, you might experience bloating, nausea, and abdominal pains. The symptoms are prevalent equally in both men and women. Keep into account that these pains have an episodic trait. Also, it is advisable not to treat them as mere indigestion issues.

● Unusual perspiration
Another sign of an incoming heart attack is excessive perspiration. If it is for no reason, then it can definitely pinpoint an attack. Interestingly, women encounter this symptom more than men. However, it is also often misinterpreted as hot flashes that usually happen with menopause.
These are some of the warning signals that come before a heart attack. It is vital to at least recognize them. If you do not and just ignore it, then it might lead to that attack anyway.

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