Easy Ways to Prevent Piles

Tips To Prevent Piles (Hemorrhoids)
Pile is a common disease that can happen once in a life. Though it is not a serious disease yet the pain caused by it can be very uncomfortable and irritating. The itchiness and stretching of the skin are really painful. You need to follow some easy ways to prevent piles permanently without causing damage to your health.
  • Go When You Need To

This does sound like common sense, but there are many people who ignore it and avoid going to the bathroom when necessary. If you delay using the bathroom and not go when you need to, your stool becomes stiff and dry in your bowel. This makes it difficult to pass smoothly. After this, when you apply pressure to the pass stool, your risk for developing piles increases.

Speaking of straining in either case, you should not force a bowel movement when you don’t need to go. Straining increases the pressure on your venous cushions is another reason that can lead to piles. To be specific, straining can transform internal piles into external ones.

  • Stop Lengthy Bathroom Duration

The surplus time that you spend in the bathroom is also a precious time that can be utilized in some other effective way rather an investing it as an unnecessarily extended escape. If your toilet has a heap of magazines or books on the water tank, make sure to remove them and keep them in a room, as bathrooms are not your study room. Avoid taking your phone into the toilet as it not the place to browse the feeds on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, and play games.

Avoid staying too long in the bathroom and prevent piles of bleeding. Because the more time you spend on the toilet, the more likely you will apply force for bowel movements. Also, the seated position gives an extra push on your anal blood vessels. Both of these factors increase your risk of piles.

  • Eat Fibrous Diet

To prevent piles naturally, your stool needs to be soft and easy to pass. You can get the right uniformity by building smart diet choices and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.

The lack of fiber in your diet is the most common one to accuse. For instance, if you are suffering from constipation, try consuming more fibrous foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, and 100% whole grains.

If required, consult your doctor about taking some fiber supplements, but you are suggested to start by trying to consume fiber through your dietary foods. Fiber can help you to avoid constipation, as constipation leads to straining which is a risk factor for piles.

Also, take care of your body and avoid foods that irritate your bowels. For some people, the lactose present in dairy products is considered an irritant. Whereas, for others, it is the gluten or too many refined foods that act as an irritant and make you uncomfortable.

  • Drink Sufficient Water

Stop the consumption of alcohol. Many studies state that consuming excess alcohol can actually cause piles. You should rather drink more water. Water makes up about 75% of healthy poop. Staying hydrated helps your stool to get softer and prevents you from suffering constipation.

Drink plenty of water or other liquids such as fruit juices and clear soups in addition to consumption of the fiber is the most effective remedy to prevent piles naturally. These liquids help the fibre to work better.

  • Do Exercises

Physical activities are all-time recommended measures that one needs to do in their daily routine. Exercises keep you healthy and prevent you from diseases. Similarly, to prevent piles you should do moderate exercise. Physical activities will help you to improve or prevent many bowels and digestive problems, including piles. When you are sedentary, the functioning system of your body slows down, including your bowels.

Exercise helps to keep waste moving through your intestinal region. This will also help you to avoid constipation and dry, hard stool. You can consider selecting from various activities such as walking, running short distances, biking, or yoga, and start an active lifestyle.

To prevent piles bleeding, an important caution that you need to remember while exercising – avoid heavy-duty, weight-lifting squats, and other related motions that exerts pressure on the abdominal. If you are trying to prevent piles, these exercises can cause more harm than doing any good.

  • See your doctor

If you observe any changes in the symptoms of piles or if the bleeding increases, visit a doctor and get a thorough check-up. Enquire all the details related to your symptoms that get evaluated. Not all piles treatment includes surgical options and you may need an assessment to rule out other diseases.

Consider following the given measures to prevent piles permanently. These measures are easy to adapt to and can effectively fit in your daily routine. So, start using these methods to avoid getting any symptoms of piles and preventing yourself from other diseases too. Act in accordance with the given instructions to see the best results to restrain yourself from the suffering piles problem.

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