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Dermatologist - VishwaRaj Hospital

Why it’s important to every Woman to See a Dermatologist by Age 25

Why it’s important to every Woman to See a Dermatologist by Age 25

Dermatologist - VishwaRaj Hospital

There is a prevalent misconception that visiting the dermatologist is only for emergencies. But, the real question remains unanswered. With the ever-increasing pollution, stress, and hectic schedule, does the skin not require regular maintenance? Like every part of the body, you need to take care of the skin too. It is why the majority of the experts recommend that women make regular visits by age 25.

Making quick consultation appointments with the dermatologist in the event of an emergency is not a viable solution. The skin suffers a wide range of issues by the time you reach 25. At some point, you must ensure its maintenance so that it can retain the suppleness and softness. It is a known fact that actively taking steps to care for the skin is far better than making sudden visitations.

Reasons why every woman must see a dermatologist by the age of 25

There are numerous reasons that can warrant a visit to the skin specialist. However, you must take into consideration the condition of the skin. If you want smooth, soft skin, care is essential. Check out some of the reasons why making that consultation is a must.

  • You get a skin counselor

You might be a pro at makeup and still not understand how to treat different skin problems. With several brands offering various products and new technologies emerging into the market, it is hard to navigate the waters. Moreover, the brands often claim to offer the best products, and it breeds more confusion. Often, people are afraid to try anything lest they damage the skin even more.

It is when the skin counselor can help you. They have in-depth knowledge of the skin care world and can offer credible suggestions. Developing a bond with a dermatologist will help you to maintain your skin efficiently. You can ask those questions and have a better understanding of the products. Also, it gives you freedom from researching it yourself.

  • Tests for skin cancer

Though mostly curable, skin cancers can also have deadly consequences. It can be even more dangerous if they are not diagnosed within time. This makes visitation to the dermatologist even more critical and important. According to experts, a full examination of the skin for cancer diagnosis must be done once per year.

The prevalence of skin cancer in women in the age limit of 25-29 is at the number one position. There are numerous symptoms that may indicate the occurrence of lesions. You must look out for abnormal skin growths. Also, check if any part of the skin has a difference in shape, thickness, color, or texture.

  • Treatment of acne

Though not life-threatening, acne can cause blemishes. It can lead to the formation of pimples, whiteheads, cysts, and blackheads. If left untreated, they can eventually leave scars. These blemishes can occur in the neck, chest, face, shoulders, and back.

The dermatologist can offer different treatment methods. It depends on the severity of the acne. They can suggest oral medications, gels, laser therapy, etc. You can also make some modifications to your lifestyle.

  • Deal with the loss of hair

Hair loss is a common issue that plagues almost all women. There are numerous reasons that can cause hair to fall. Sometimes, it can be due to stress, while other times, it can be a genetic condition. Either way, visiting a skin specialist can help.

After conducting tests, they will offer you different treatment options. These will help to reduce the rate of hair fall. In some cases, it can also help to restore hair growth.

  • Treatment of scars

Scars not only have a physical effect but can also have an emotional impact on an individual. Not everyone can live with a scar. And, sometimes, they are too horrid to adjust. In these cases, visiting a dermatologist can help a lot. They can suggest a wide range of treatments depending on the scar. While there is no guarantee that the scar will vanish, there will definitely be an improvement in its appearance.

For keloid and acne scars, you can schedule visitations. Moreover, the dermatologist can also give you the referral of an esteemed plastic surgeon. It is for those cases when the scar is too severe, like burn marks.

  • Brightening of the skin

Dull skin does not inspire much confidence in women. It is possible to live with it and even own it eventually. Irregular pigmentation and prolonged exposure to the sun can cause this damage. But, when there is an option of repairing it, scheduling a visit makes more sense. The dermatologist can suggest various ways to brighten the skin. There are numerous ways that can help in this process.

Skin specialists may suggest Vitamin-C serums or other topical products. However, it can also differ depending on the particular skin. Moreover, if the damage is too much, the doctor can even recommend fractional resurfacing.

  • Handle skin aging

As you age, the texture of the skin begins to display the change. It is characterized by the external appearance of wrinkles, discoloration, and dryness. These are also known as age spots. Moreover, smoking, exposure to UV rays, and leading an unhealthy lifestyle can progress the aging quickly.

While you can adopt a healthy diet and stop smoking, visiting a dermatologist is also an option. There are multiple treatments that can offer aid. Some of them include laser therapy, wrinkle fillers, etc.


Your skin might not give you much trouble, even when there are underlying issues. However, it is vital that you make regular visits to the dermatologist to ensure its health. If you are interested in having the desired skin, then you must take care of it. This involves medical consultations, medications, and even changes in lifestyle. Moreover, you can also make changes in diet and include exercises to stay fit and healthy. Also, keep in mind that a visit to the skin specialist by the age of 25 is a necessity.

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