The novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the globe, it comes as no surprise that the people who comprise of our best defence to contain and mitigate this epidemic also face the highest risk of becoming infected themselves. Be it our healthcare workers, the police and all those working for ‘essential’ services — they all run the risk of being exposed to the virus. Till date, countless frontline workers across the globe have shouldered this burden, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future unless the virus is controlled.

We’ve all read stories of the shortage of surgical masks and other personal protective equipment which increase chances of contamination. But that’s not all. When our frontline workers stand to get infected, it leads to an increased burden on the already present, limited workers. As a part of the medical fraternity, I say this with confidence that we’re doing all we can to protect our family at the hospital.

From revising our protocols to increasing the supply of protective gear and even rotating our staff to minimise exposure, we’ve gone the extra mile. However, that’s not enough. We need you to step in and flatten the curve. By staying home, you’ll help lessen the burden on an already overwhelmed workforce. You’ll help curb the spread of coronavirus.

On behalf of the healthcare fraternity, we urge you to stay home and stay safe. It’s the only way we can beat this challenge together!