As we’ve set foot into 2020, we’re here to herald in a new era of healthcare. Today, we as a country stand on the verge of change, of inclusivity, affordability and accessibility for all facilities. The same stands true for healthcare as well.

As a hospital, and as leaders in accessible healthcare, we at VishwaRaj Hospital strongly believe that the roadmap for healthcare in 2020 and beyond will not just focus on making quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all — it will also focus on predictive, preventive and outcome-based healthcare models. A paradigm shift indeed!

The year ahead highlights the coming together of new partnerships of us as a healthcare organisation with those in the non-medical sector. Such associations will only make our patients more secure financially and comfortable emotionally. We’re set to invest in new technology to make diagnostic processes more accurate and effective, as well as surgical equipment to make procedures safer and quicker.

While this is on the organisational front, we do anticipate that the government too, will increase investment in healthcare spending and strive to make public healthcare schemes more inclusive. This will enable us to join forces and make the Indian health system one of the strongest in the world!

In all, we see this year as one with immense potential and all that’s left for us to do is sail the sea of change!