Health: such a small word, but one with so much importance attached to it. A fundamental human right, and a global social goal, it’s understood that the health of a nation depends on its population. In fact, that’s why countries too consider it essential to invest in health with innumerable health schemes and an annual health budget. Why? So that every person has access to at least some form of healthcare.

Coming into focus on India, a country as vast as ours, and with a population as diverse as ours surely has innumerable health demands. Our government too, has crafted novel schemes under the ‘Ayushman Bharat Yojana’ to ensure every citizen is not bereft of care in times of need. But are these schemes truly having the impact we hoped they would?

The answer perhaps, is not so simple. While the thought and plan indeed is noble, there is much left to be accomplished in order to call this a success. Complete transparency, prompt funding and most importantly, a middle path to encourage active private partnerships are yet to fall in place. Only then will this create the impact it needs.

These government schemes have been debated upon, critiqued and even praised. Truth be told, the wheels for a healthcare revolution have been set in motion, and we hope this year marks the change we’re all looking for. The Ayushman Bharat Yojana has the potential to become the grandest healthcare scheme in the world. Together, let’s make this a reality!

Slowly but surely, we’re finding innovative ways to improve your healthcare experience for the better, and this is the beginning of so much more to come!