Critical care services (also known as ICU / NICU) are for the patients who need intensive medical treatment & close monitoring of the changing clinical outcomes or parameters for the best possible clinical outcomes. Our doctors, who are well trained to assess and analyse the patient’s clinical condition, come with possible clinical treatment options available in least possible time

Patients admitted in Critical care units of VishwaRaj hospital are taken utmost care with compassion to treat critically ill patients by rational & latest clinical protocols/ Guidelines by specially trained Intensivist, Primary treating doctors, Nurses, Respiratory therapists, Other clinical supportive staff such as Radiology, Pathology, Microbiology etc. Along with patient treating staff our non-clinical staff such as patient care coordinator, Cashless services etc. would be for the help or guidance of deeply sorrowed patient relatives.

Critical care services at VishwaRaj Hospitals are appropriate for all age groups right from pre-term baby (delivered before 36 weeks of pregnancy i.e.28 weeks & 800 gms weight) to even 100 years elderly patient. Some of the common conditions that require Critical care services are

  • Heart Problem (Heart attack, Heart failure etc.)
  • Poison consumption
  • Brain problems (Paralysis, Clot in brain etc.)
  • Serious injuries (Road accidents, Fall from heights, Burns etc.)
  • Sepsis (Blood infections, Kidney infections etc.)
  • Organ Failure (Kidney failure, Liver failure, Heart etc.)

We have a team of 35+ critical care doctors, 75+ critical care trained nurses working round the clock for the best possible outcomes for the patients admitted in our hospital.

Intensive Care Unit
Treatments & Cure Services
1 Chest pain management (Heart attack, Heart block, Heart Failure,etc.) 1 ICUs for Adults & Geriatrics
2 Breathing difficulties management (Lung diseases, Asthma etc.) A) Medical ICU
3 Paralysis / Stroke management (Brain ischemia, Bleed in the Brain etc.) B) Surgical ICU
4 Road traffic accidents (Head injury, Fractures, Chest &/Abdominal blunt injury) C) Cardiac Care Unit
5 Post operative management (Post cardiac Bypass surgery, Head, Spine surgeries etc.)
6 Septic shock management (Severe infection in one organ or many organs or Blood stream - complete body) 2 ICUs for Newborn &Children
7 Organ Failure medical management (Kidney, Liver, Lung etc.) A) NICU
8 Unconscious patients -evaluation & management (Epilepsy, Asthma, electrolyte imbalance etc.) B) PICU
9 Poison patient management (All kinds of poison consumption management) 3 Emegency Department
10 Animal bites (Snake, Scorpion, Dog etc.) Medical Equipment & Cutting edge technology
11 Ventilators
12 Dialysis Machines
13 C-PAP
14 Portable Ultrasound, 2D Echo, X-Ray
14 Arterial Blood gas machine (ABG)

No. of Patients treated

125 +

No. of critical care staff (Doctors & Nurses)

20 +

No. of ventilators

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