Is laser treatment for wrinkles permanent?

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Laser treatments or laser skin resurfacing is a type of medical procedure for the skin. Here, there is a use of a laser to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. It is essentially the removal of skin layers with utter precision. After the procedure, new skin cells develop. It then gives the skin a younger outlook. People suffering from acne, blemishes, scars, wrinkles, and blotches opt for this skincare treatment.

What to do to prepare for the laser treatment?

Before you take any crucial steps, you need to find a credible dermatologist. Make sure that you conduct background research about the doctor before going.

There are several things that you must do before the treatment itself. In most cases, your doctor will ask for your detailed medical history. It is vital that you answer every question truthfully. Moreover, you must let the doctor know if you had any type of cosmetic surgery in the past.

Then, the doctor will most likely conduct diagnostic tests. It is only by inspecting the skin that the dermatologist can determine the best treatment route.

When the treatment routes are selected, and you are ready for the procedure, you need to have another discussion. Make sure that you know what to anticipate. It is futile to expect something that is simply not possible. It is why you must discuss in detail the result, possible risks, and the aftercare.

Bonus: The healthcare professional may also prescribe some medications before the surgery. It depends on the medical history of the patient. Also, you will need to stop smoking. It must be for the duration of two weeks before as well as after the treatment. Moreover, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause irregular pigmentation. It is advisable to stay away from sunlight and discuss it with the doctor.

How long does laser treatment for wrinkles last?

After the laser skin resurfacing procedure, the skin may remain pink or red. This coloration might be present for several months during the healing period. It can also cause more sensitivity to sunlight.

For some people, the treated skin shows immediate results. But, for others, it can take almost a year to show the difference in the skin. It is true that the effects of this skincare treatment last for a long time. However, due to aging, more wrinkles and age spots are bound to re-occur. As such, these laser treatments are not permanent. But, they can be repeated in consultation with the medical experts.

Laser treatments are of two types – ablative laser and nonablative laser. When you visit a dermatologist, they can suggest the appropriate options. They take into consideration various factors such as existing medical conditions, the health of the skin, etc. With the help of the laser resurfacing treatment, you can reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, it can also help in improving skins that have sun damage or scars. However, it is vital to understand that there are certain limitations too.

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