The last four months are perhaps the strangest ones we’ve seen in our lives. Economies of the world came to a grinding halt, daily activities were forced to cease, children no longer played in the park, working individuals were trying to manage duties from home. These strange times are quite possibly the opening chapter of the new normal.

The virus and state-imposed lockdowns have wrought changes that are not just temporary. They will change the world as we have known it most of our lives. The reality is that we can’t just stop coronavirus just yet. Until a vaccine is discovered, we must now learn to live with it instead of letting it govern our lives. This is how I see foresee the near future:

  • Governments around the world will learn how to strike a balance between controlling the spread of the coronavirus and curbing economic and individual freedom
  • Employers will learn more about flexibility at work and work-from-home options
  • Social distancing and the use of masks will be here to stay
  • The way we deliver healthcare at hospitals will change and virtual technologies will become the new norm
  • Each and every individual will be responsible themselves for self-monitoring and reporting of flu-like symptoms

We must not forget that there is no doubt that the virus will come to an end. We will get back to our lives and visit the outdoors. But that life will be significantly different. Moreover, reaching that point will depend on our current actions.