Since we are located on the highway, we tend to receive a lot of Road traffic accident cases with involvement of the brain and nervous system. Keeping this in mind, we have ensured a robust Neurosciences department at VRH.

This department, with its 2 branches, Neurosurgery and Neurology are highly competent to diagnose, operate, treat and care for all patients requiring urgent and excellent care.

Brain decompression surgeries are performed with great precision in our fully equipped operation theatres by our senior surgeons with more than 15 years of surgical experience to their credit. Cerebral (brain) stroke patients are immediately treated (within the “Golden hour” time period) ensuring a good prognosis and rapid post- operative recovery.

Our Neurology team, provides both Neurodiagnostic and intervention services to address all neurological ailments. This team works in collaboration with diagnostic , surgery and rehabilitation departments to achieve best results and treatments.

Treatments & Cure Services
2 EMG A)Neurophyscian OPD
3 NCV B)Neurosurgery OPD
4 DSA 2 OT & Head Injury Care
5 Craniotomy Well equipped neurotrauma OT
6 Cranioplasty Well equipped neurology OT
7 EVD Neuromicroscope
8 Neuro Endoscopy C-Arm
9 CV junction anomalies.
10 Brain Tumors Brain MRI
11 Spine Tumors Spine MRI
12 Brain & Spine Trauma Brain CT Scan
13 Peripheral Nerve Surgery Lumbar spine screening
14 Hydrocephalus Cervical Spine
15 Spine Malformation Brain Angigram
16 Neurotrauma Brain Venogram
17 Cervical prolapses
18 lumbar disc prolapse
19 Spinal Cord Embolisation
20 Brain Coiling
21 arteriovenous malformation
22 Subarachonoid Hemorrage
23 Subdural Hemorrage
24 Brain Hemorrage
  • Services
  • Nervous system testing: Using ultra high-frequency sound waves to evaluate the structures of the brain, spinal cord, and others
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) and Electromyography (EMG): It is used to record the electrical activity produced by the brain
  • EEG video monitoring: The patient is constantly monitored over a video screen to observe brainwave activity during the time of a seizure
  • Sleep studies: These tests record the activity of the body during sleep
  • Nerve conduction testing: A diagnostic test generally used to judge the function of the motor and sensory nerves

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