VishwaRaj Hospitals has a separate specialised wing in orthopaedics department known as Joints department. Here our senior and experienced doctors relives the long standing joint pains and restores the functionality of the joints either by joint replacement or Joint restructuring (sports surgery)

Total Joints replacement is a surgical procedure to replace damaged and painful joints with implants/ prosthesis (made of metal/ ceramics). The design of the prosthesis replicates the natural contour of the joints so that functionality of the replaced joints is restored. Though joints replacement can be done on all joints, most common joints replacements are Knee and Hip joints. With our experience of 250+ joints replacement, our patients were made to walk on the same day and till date our post-operative infection rate is 99%

Our Sports’ surgeons provide medical & surgical treatments (Arthroscopy i.e key hole surgery) to the severely injured joints of sports players/ traumatised patients. Arthroscopy (key hole surgery) is a surgical procedure to view inside the joints about the damage of cartilage, ligament tears, meniscus rupture etc. (supporting structures of the joint stability and functionality). During the arthroscopic surgery, Damaged supporting structures (ligaments, meniscus etc.) are either restructured with existing supportive structures or replaced by available implants/ biodegradable materials to restore the functionality and to relive joints pain

Joints & Sports
Treatments & Cure Services
1 Unilateral knee replacement 1 OPD
2 Bilateral knee replacement Joint Replacement OPD
3 Unilateral knee replacement Sport Injury OPD
4 Bilateral knee replacement Trauma OPD
5 Hip replacemnt 2 Operative Room
6 Arthroplasty Well equipped Joint replcement OT
7 Sports Injury Well equipped Sports injury OT
8 Shoulder arthroscopy Well equipped trauma OT
9 Knee arthroscopy Navigation system
10 ACL reconstruction 3 Physiotherapy
11 ACL Repair Well equipped Physiotherapy Centre
12 MCL Repair Well equipped Pediatrics Physiotherapy Centre
13 Neonatal & Pediatric orthopedics
14 Joint infections
15 Trauma
16 Osteoporosis
17 Spine Surgery
18 Soft tissue repair
19 Internal fixation of bones
20 External fixation of bones
21 Osteotomy
22 Revision Joint Surgery
23 Wrist Surgery
24 Ankle Surgery
25 Foot Surgery
26 Deformity correction
27 Congenital deformities
28 Tumours

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