It’s a well known fact that ocular health is very important. In this time and age when obesity rates are increasing, population is ageing, there’s urbanisation and an inclination towards digital screens — diabetes and diabetic retinopathy is becoming a concern for all. If you do have diabetes, it’s all the more important to protect your eyes. Why so?

Because diabetics are more inclined to develop complications of the eye as they age. Diabetic retinopathy can develop when a patient living with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) has high blood sugars that damage the blood vessels in the retina, a part of the eye that’s critical to helping the brain form images that help make sense of the visible world

November is DiabetesAwarenessMonth are we must do everything possible to understand the complications of the epidemic in our daily lives. Lifestyle influences including a lack of physical activity, regular smoking and a poor diet comprised of highly processed foods are closely linked with the risks associated with diabetic retinopathy.

Diabetics must undergo a comprehensive eye examination regularly and make healthy lifestyle their priority. Being diligent with medication and alert to any kind of changes in vision is key to leading a long and healthy life!