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    Sign & Symptoms

    Bulging Veins

    Muscle Cramps & Pain in legs

    Skin discoloration 

    Burning or itching of skin


    Standing at a Stretch for long hours


    Old Age

    Chronic Constipation

    Stages Of Varicose Veins

    Spider Veins

    These dilated skin capillaries create a spider- like appearance in the legs. They typically cause more cosmetic problems than health problems, but in some cases cause pain.

    Treating spider veins not only improve appearance but also prevent the progression of venous disease.

    Varicose Veins

    These veins have a ropey-like appearance and bulge, often protruding, from the skin. These veins, if let untreated, can lead to increased symptoms and worsened appearance which begin to interfere with daily life and activity.

    Leg Edema

    As venous disease progresses, untreated varicose veins begin to evolve into other health problems, such as edema.

    This chronic leg swelling manifests over the course of the day or after standing for long periods. Others experience restless leg syndrome, itchy skin, & severe aching or cramping.

    Skin Changes

    Over time, venous disease causes skin discoloration.The skin becomes thinner and brown discoloration appears as a stain on the skin.

    This occurs because of blood leak from the blood vessels into the skin tissue.

    Leg Ulcers

    They are extremely painful, itchy, and require constant care and dressing, significantly impacting quality of life

    Diagnosis of Varicose Veins 

    Physical Examination


    Doppler Ultrasound

    This test can determine the structure of your leg veins, as well as the presence of blood clots in the veins

    Surgical Options for varicose veins 

    Endovenous Laser Treatment


    Surgical Vein Ligation & Stripping


    Advantages Of Laser Treatment

    Laser Surgery

    No Incision Required


    Painless Procedure


    No Bleeding or Infection


    3 days to resume regular duties


    Shorter hospital stay (a day or less)


    No wound & Dressing


    Open Surgery 

    Invasive cutting required


    Painful Procedure


    Risks of bleeding or infection


    25-30 days to resume regular work


    Long hospital stay


    Wound requires dressing


    Conservative Treatment 

    • Avoidance of prolonged standing
    • Elevation of the affected leg
    • Exercise
    • Weight Loss
    • Compression stockings 
    Note: Helps only in stage 1 & stage 2 and only in 15-20% of cases 

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