Which Delivery is more Painful?

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There are two ways of giving birth to your child one vaginal birth other C-section birth. Sometimes when a vaginal birth is dangerous for you or your baby doctor recommends C-section delivery. C-section delivery may also be essential if the baby is large and the mother’s pelvis is small. Or another condition like the baby is facing upside-down.
  • Pain in C-section delivery

When the doctor is performing C-section, you don’t feel any pain. However, you may have a feeling of pressure or like someone is pulling. The doctor usually gives regional anesthesia to numb the waist down area of your body. Thus rest of your body part is fully awake. This way, you can see the birth of your baby and listen to your baby’s first cry.

However, in case of emergency C-section delivery, the doctor might require to give you general anesthesia. After getting general anesthesia, you will be completely unconscious and won’t see the delivery. You won’t be able to remember anything after delivery.

  • Pain during vaginal delivery

The pain during standard delivery is due to the uterus muscles’ contraction and the pressure you feel on the cervix. The pain also spreads in the abdominal area, inguinal area, and back. Some may also experience pain in the inner thigh area and sides. Other reasons for pain during labor are pressure on the bowel and bladder by the child’s head. There may also be pressure due to stretching of the vagina and birth canal.

However, the intensity of labor is different for every woman. It may also vary on the type of pregnancy. Some women experience menstrual cramping and some severe pressure. At the same time, others go through severe cramp-like diarrheal cramping.

Moreover, going through the pain is not the hard part; the hard part is that it keeps coming back. The situation gets worse as labor progresses since the duration between contractions reduces gradually.

  • How to handle labor pain

Everyone is different and reacts differently during labor, but you can expect some pain in any case. So it’s better to prepare yourself beforehand. To make yourself more robust so you can endure pain easily. It is even more essential if your labor lasts for a long time. You can follow the following methods to handle pain during labor:

  1. Lamaze: You can try Lamaze before giving birth. It helps to build up your confidence to the next level. It is a very healthy and natural process. In Lamaze, you carry some breathing and relaxation exercises to help you tackle pain during labor. In the session, you also learn how to distract yourself during a difficult time.
  2. Bradley method: In this method, your partner is also involved. The process focuses on relaxation, nutrition, breathing technique, and exercise.


Many women find ease by walking, massaging, shifting positions, or listening to music when going through pain. The two delivery options have pros and cons; you cannot look at the painful part only. It will be best if you discuss it with your doctor before making any decision.

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