The covid-19 pandemic and lockdown may have significant impact on the human health these overall scenario effects immunity, mental health and standing Effects of yoga due to covid-19 reduce overall physical activities. It will going to impact on your body weight strength and flexibility.


  • Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines.
  • Yoga includes “breathing exercise” and “Asanas” and “Pranayama”


  • Improve your overall breathing capacity it also helps to increase oxygen capacity.
  • In this pandemic we have to use mask and N95 mask, it already decrease overall oxygenation capacity.

Surya namaskar:

It is one of the best energization techniques used a practice of stimulation and relaxation that emphasizes strength and body awareness.

  • Also helps to improve spinal flexibility and result in improve immunity.
  • Also improving balance within the stress and relaxation response of the human body.

So doing Pranayama is important.