What causes joint pain?

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Joints are the support that connects one bone to the other. They assist in carrying out movement activities. If any of the ligaments go through wear and tear, it causes unbearable pain leading to joint pain. It can also be due to injured tendons or bursae. The injury can again sweep down, causing harm to bones, cartilage, and ligaments. There are different reasons for joint pain. Some are:

  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Strain
  • Gout
  • Sprain
  • Rheumatoid
  • Osteoarthritis

Joint pain is a widespread problem. It is seen that most people suffer from knee pain, followed by shoulder, then hip pain.

Joint pain can sometimes be moderately irritating and sometimes debilitating. If it is acute pain, it takes several weeks or even months to cure. However, mild pain can heal in a short-time but affect your daily work to a large extent. Whatever may be the reason, it can always be fixed with home care, physical therapy, and medication.

Arthritis joint pain

As the most common reason for joint pain is arthritis, it’s essential to closely examine the problem. There are two categories of arthritis – one is osteoarthritis, and the other is rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis affects the hips, wrists, hands, and knees. This type of arthritis is more prevalent in people under the age of forty. The pain caused by osteoarthritis is a result of injury in the cartilage. Breakdown in cartilage hampers its work to serve as shock absorbent and cushion for the joints.

The second category of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis. About 20 million people are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis globally. Besides, it is more widespread in females than in males.

Rheumatoid arthritis weakens and deforms the joins with time. In the rheumatoid, you can suffer from inflammation, pain, and fluid buildup inside the joint. However, this pain is mostly because the immune system affects the cartilage lining the joints.

Some symptoms of Joint pain

It is essential to visit a doctor if you are experiencing unbearable joint pain. Further, if you experience symptoms like the one mentioned below, you need immediate attention:

  • You are suffering from fever as a result of joint pain.
  • The pain is continuing for several days (more than three days).
  • The area where you are experiencing joint pain is now red, swollen, and warm to the touch.

In contrast, you should rush to an emergency room when you experience:

  • Serious injury
  • Deforming of the joints
  • Suddenly the joints are swelling
  • You cannot move your joints anymore.
  • Worsen condition of joint pain.

How orthopedic diagnose joint pain?

The orthopedic mostly perform a medical test. Also, the doctor asks you a couple of questions relating to your joint pain. These questions help the doctor find the root cause of the pain. You are also requested to perform an X-ray of your joint to find out arthritis joint injury.

Supposedly, there is even the slightest chance of another cause for your pain; he may recommend a blood test. Thus blood test identifies autoimmune disorder if present in your body. Besides, they recommend a sedimentation test also. This test measures the amount of inflammation or the number of blood counts.

Treatment of joint pain

First, visit the doctor and find out the cause of your joint pain. After you know the cause of your joint pain, you can find the appropriate remedy for yourself. You can take medication or home remedies or physical therapy, whatever you like.

  • Medications

Depending on the reports of your test, the doctor performs various actions. He may pull out the joint’s accumulated fluid to run the test for probable infection and gout. Moreover, the doctor will suggest surgery if required.

However, a non-surgical way of curing joint pain includes medication and lifestyle changes. These changes help in controlling the condition of rheumatoid arthritis from getting severe. If the situation gets worse, the treatment will require tight rein to prevent the infection from flaring-up.

  • Home remedy

If your condition is not worse and is considered mild, you can follow some home care to cure it. The following are the suggestions that you can adopt:

  1. Make a routine of icing the joints for 15 minutes a couple of times a day.
  2. Protect the painful joint with the help of a wrap or brace.
  3. Gently compressing the joints with an elastic wrap.
  4. Avoid any activity that can increase joint pain.
  5. Rest as much as possible.
  6. Lift the joint above your heart level.

If you are experiencing joint pain because of a reason other than arthritis, you can consider an anti-inflammatory drug. Moreover, you can get a massage, a warm bath, and a mild stretch.

  • Physical Therapy

You can join a physical therapy session for strengthening your muscles, settle the joint, and improve its movement. Physical therapy includes different types of techniques like manipulation, nerve stimulation, heat and cold therapy, and ultrasound.

Most people suffer from joint pain because of their heavyweight, and by losing it, you can get relief. For that, the therapist recommends exercise and a diet that you can follow to lose weight. But do not add heavy exercise sticks to the light ones as they can irritate the joints. Activities like cycling and swimming are best for releasing joint pain without actually putting pressure on them. Since water is light, swimming helps in relieving stress in your joints.


Besides all these, there are other activities as well that can relieve you of your pain. These activities include injection, topical agents, and supplements. The supplements help to nourish the cushion that protects the joint, although supplements do not work for all people. However, if you notice that your condition is getting worse, then you should not avoid medical treatment for long. It is better to take care of your joint before it gets deformed or inflamed.

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