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MAEER'S VishwaRaj IVF Center

Pune's Trusted Choice for Affordable IVF with High Success Rate

When a couple is trying to conceive for a year and is still not able to have a child, then you should seek the help of a fertility expert. We at MAEER’S VishwaRaj IVF Center (URMI IVF) ” for IVF, promise to partner with you in your journey towards joy and happiness. Male and female infertility is treatable with right kind of diagnosis and treatment.


30+ Years Exprience

High Success Rate

Advance Technology

Affordable Treatment

Personalised Care

0% Interest EMI

When should I go for IVF treatment?​

Low egg /
ovum count

Problems related to uterus or Fallopian tubes

Problem with

No sperm

Low sperm

Services offered at MAEER'S VishwaRaj IVF Center​


In IUI, the best quality sperms from aspiring father are processed in the lab and inoculated inside the uterus. This is an OPD procedure and does not require anesthesia or OT intervention.


In the process of IVF, multiple eggs or ova are retrieved from an aspiring mother after giving injections to stimulate and grow multiple eggs.


This is a process where each egg is fertilized by specialized equipment with a single sperm, using microinjection pipette.


Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA)-In this process, a small needle is passed into the head of epididymis of the aspiring father to aspirate fluid containing sperms.


Testicular sperm extraction-In this, the sperms are retrieved from the testes of aspiring father and used to achieve fertilization of eggs in the laboratory.

Embryo transfer

An embryo transfer is part of in-vitro fertilization process. The eggs are removed from the aspiring mother’s ovaries and fertilized in the lab. Once the fertilized eggs have multiplied.

Embryo cryopreservation

The aspiring mothers, who fail to conceive, frozen embryos can be used for a subsequent cycle.

Meet our IVF Specialist

Dr.Kundan Ingale

Consultant & Specialist - Infertility (IVF)

Dr.Kalyani Ingale

Consultant - Infertility Specialist,Gynecologist,Obstetrician

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