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Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma Care

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure at VishwaRaj Hospital has been designed keeping in mind the best treatment and comfort of the patients. The Centre for Orthopaedics is well-equipped with the most advanced surgical suite with HEPA filters and laminar flow, along with state of the art Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for enhanced service delivery. The orthopaedicdoctors are available round the clock for comprehensive care of patients.

The department of orthopedics regularly carries out the joint procedures, arthroscopic procedures for sports and other injuries, alignment correction, ligament and tendon reconstruction/ repair, cartilage resurfacing, limb salvage surgeries for Bone Tumours and reconstruction surgeries for deformities of joints.

Treatment and Services

There are certain deformities and problems related to our musculoskeletal system. Some of these are:​

A fracture is a condition in which a bone breaks partially or completely due to overuse, trauma or the weakening of the bone tissues. Even after treating fractures, problems may occur like Nonunions, in which a fracture fails to heal, and Malunions, in which fracture heals in the wrong way.

It is the most common form of arthritis which affects millions of people worldwide. It happenswhen the protective cartilage at the ends of the bones wears down with time. The joints most commonly affected by osteoarthritis are hands, knees, hips and spine.

Joint inflammation occurs when the immune system or damaged tissue around a joint releases chemicals leading to swelling and redness in a joint. Certain medical conditions can lead to inflammation of multiple joints like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosisi etc. Those having symptoms of arthritis should immediately consult the Orthopedic Hospital in Pune for a timely treatment.

It refers to the structural heart defects present from birth. These defects include the following: Septal defects in which there is a hole in the heart, Abnormal heart valves in which the valves are not opened or there is leakage of blood, and Atresia in which one of the valves or blood vessel in the heart is missing

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Spinal deformity is a condition in which there is an abnormality in the curve or the alignment of the spine. It can be caused due to normal wear and tear overages. Common causes of back or neck pain areBack Muscle or Ligament Strain, Slip Disc , Spinal stenosis and bone spurs, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis or spinal instability, Infections or Spinal Tumor.

It is an injury in the joint that causes immobilization and deformity in the joint. This injury or dislocation of the joint forces that particular joint to force out from its normal or original position. This mostly happens after a fall, accident or sports injury.

Injuries during sports can include bruises, muscle strains, sprains, tears, and broken bones. Soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and bursae may be affected during sports.

Our Approach to Orthopedic Patients​

The Centre for Orthopaedics offers a multidisciplinary team approach for delivering care to injured patients.  A dedicated team of Orthopaedicians, Neurosurgeons, Plastic Surgeons, and General Surgeons provide the best possible effective treatment to the patients of polytrauma. The centre provides effective treatment to injured patients, which includes complex trauma management, minimal access fixation of fractures, pelvic and acetabular fracture management, etc. The centrehas successfully performed various joint replacement procedures with excellent outcomes making it one of the best

knee replacement hospital in Pune.

Department Of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement


All About Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

Joints are an important part of our body that makes us flexible and allow us to do certain movements. We can not even imagine our daily lives without having joints in our body.

Due to some severe injuries or with increasing age, a lot of people live with joint pain. Joint pain can put a full stop in our daily activities. It can restrict us from doing many regular things like bending, sitting, walking, etc.

Orthopaedics is the branch of medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all the diseases and disorders related to the musculoskeletal system. This musculoskeletal system includes bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The Department of Orthopaedics aims to offer painless and functional recovery to all the patients. Our orthopaedics surgeons are experts that ensure every patient receives world-class care.

This department treats all kinds of bone deformities, infections, tumors, fractures, etc. It also involves the treatment of arthritis, joint pain, joint swelling, joint dislocation etc. So far, we have done 400+ Total Joints surgeries at VishwaRaj Hospital. Our expert surgeons have the experience of over 7000 surgeries that too with <1% Infection rate.

Orthopaedics Problems

There are certain deformities and problems related to our musculoskeletal system. Some of these are:
Treatments & Cure

Infrastructure at Orthopaedics Department

At VishwaRaj Hospitals, we have a separate specialised wing in orthopaedics department where our senior and experienced doctors relieve the long-standing joint pains and restore the functionality of the joints either by joint replacement or Joint restructuring surgeries. Though joints replacement can be done on all joints, most common joints replacements are Knee and Hip joints.

Our department has state-of-the-art technologies along with some facilities like Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Trauma, Pneumatic drill, and Spinal surgery under C-Arm Image Intensifier Control Unit. With our experience of 250+ joints replacement, we made our patients walk on the same day. Our team of specialists in this department, state-of-the-art technology, and excellent support staff work together with a “patient-centric” philosophy, ensuring you always receive the best treatment. Hence, we measure our success by the number of people who leave us with saying goodbye to joint pains.

Our Expert Doctors- Orthopaedics Department

Dr. Ramprasad Dharangutti

11 Years of Working Experience

Dr Ramprasad Dharangutti

Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement

Consultant – Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

Monday & Wednesday 11am – 3pm

Dr. Umesh Nagre

17 Years of Working Experience

Dr Umesh Nagare

Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement

HOD-Orthopedics and Joint Replacement

Monday & Wednesday 10: 30 am-2pm

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    Our Health & Diagnostic Packages

    Executive Health Check-Up For Male
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    • Serum Aspartate Transaminase (SGOT)
    • Serum Bilirubin (Total, Direct & Indirect)
    • Serum Creatinine
    • Serum Electrolytes
    • Serum Globulin
    • Serum Protein
    • Thyroid Profile Total (T3,T4&TSH)
    • HBA1C
    • Vitamin B12
    • Vitamin D
    • USG Abdomen & Pelvis
    • Haemogram (Cbc)
    • Psa-Prostate Specific Antigen
    • Dental Consultation(Package)
    • Dietician Consultation (First Visit)
    • Physician Consultation(Package)
    ₹6820/- ₹8525/-
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    Dr. Umesh Nagre

    Dr. Umesh Nagare

    Joint Replacement ​

    Monday & Wednesday
    10:30 AM - 02:00 PM

    Dr. Pramod Kumar

    Dr. Pramod Kumar Surve

    Orthopedics & Trauma Care

    Mon to Sat
    (Except Mon & Wed)
    10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

    Dr. Ramprasad Dharangutti

    Dr. Ramprasad Dharangutti

    Orthopedics & Trauma Care​

    Monday & Wednesday
    10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
    Tue,Thus, Fri & Sat
    02:00 PM to 06:00 PM


    Dr. Nirav Shah

    Orthopedics & Trauma Care
    MBBS DNB Ortho

    Monday to Saturday
    05:00 PM- 07:00 PM


    Dr.Rahul Nalapure

    Orthopedics & Trauma Care

    Tue, Thus & Sat
    06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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