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We believe that every individual should have some basic medical knowledge to stay aware and take care of themselves better. Our educational blogs will give you a lot of information on various topics.

उन्हाचा कडाका वाढतोय, तुमच्या आरोग्याकडेही द्या लक्ष; बाहेर जाताना ‘अशी’ घ्या काळजी…

सध्या उन्हाचा कडाका चांगलाच वाढताना दिसत आहे. त्यामुळे स्वत:च्या आरोग्याकडे विशेष लक्ष देणे आता...

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Healthy Heart - VishwaRaj Hospital

Simple ways to keep your heart healthy

Though cardiovascular diseases remain one of the main reasons for global mortality, there are ways you can keep the heart healthy. It is vital to ensure that the organ is in prime condition. In order for the heart to function efficiently and continuously, you need to take care of it.

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Reasons to See Cardiologist

12 Reasons You May Want to See a Cardiologist

Did you know that more than 17.9 million people die due to CVDs every year? With the rising mortality due to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) globally, it is vital that you take care of your heart. Even though the organ is similar to the average fist size, it works way harder than any other organs in the human body.

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Neurological Disorders - VishwaRaj Hospital

What are the most common neurological disorders?

Neurological disorders include diseases of the nerves, spine, and brain. Millions of people are affected each year, with thousands dealing with lethal consequences. These diseases not only affect the person who is suffering but also the people around them.

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Umbilical Hernia Female

Umbilical hernia signs and symptoms

 A hernia is a problem that arises when an internal organ pushes itself out from a weak spot in the body tissue or muscle. There are different categories of hernia that you can develop, like femoral hernias, inguinal hernia, Hiatal hernias and umbilical hernia. According to a study, umbilical hernia is the second most common type of hernia developed in adults after inguinal hernia.

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Gastro Diseases - VishwaRaj Hospital

What are the common diseases of the digestive system?

Issues with the digestive system are a widespread problem in people, but most don’t like talking about it. Conditions like heartburn, gas, stomach aches, and other digestive pain are not of serious concern. But they may serve as a signal for other serious health issues.

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Food for Healthy Gut - VishwaRaj Hospital

10 Foods that are Good for Gut Health

There are almost around forty trillion bacteria inside our bodies, most of which usually stays in the intestine. When said together, they are called the gut microbiota. Your body needs to keep you healthy. However, there are some bacteria which can cause damage to your intestine and give rise to different disease.

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Pregnancy Phases & Symptoms

Pregnancy Phases & Symptoms

In our previous blog , we talked about the dos and don’ts while planning for pregnancy. In this latest blog, we will be taking all the

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Pregnancy Phases & Symptoms

Pregnancy Phases & Symptoms

In our previous blog , we talked about the dos and...

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You Play Through Pain, But You Stop Due To Injury

You play through pain, But you stop due to injury?

In the era of this stressful lifestyle, exercise and sports are excellent ways to handle it. Sports, whether it’s for recreational or professional purposes, are associated with the risk of sports-related injuries. Further, its incidence is increasing with the need for an active lifestyle. A person is more prone to the injury if:

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Hip Replacement Is Failing

How do I know if my hip replacement is failing?

Hip replacement surgery refers to the replacement and removal of your hip joint that includes a portion of the thighbone (femur) and pelvis. This process is used to treat not only hip arthritis but also injuries such as an improperly growing hip or broken hip. In this process, an artificial joint made from metal and plastic components is placed. The posterior approach and anterior approach are the two different types of surgeries involved with hip replacement.

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Precautions after Knee Replacement

Precautions after Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement is a surgical process that doctors undertake to replace the painful knee joint with an artificial one. In the process of knee replacement, the end of the femur bone is taken out and replaced with a metal shell. The doctors also remove the end of the lower leg bone called tibia. It is then replaced with a channelled plastic piece made of the metal stem.

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Understanding Knee Pain in Young Adults

Understand the Knee Pain at a Young Age?

John a 25 years old Software engineer decides to get rid of his sedentary lifestyle and shed some weight as soon as the
lockdown is eased. He had no idea that 3 miles jog over a week could cripple him for the next few days. Like John, many young fitness enthusiasts are suffering from Overuse injuries of the knee.

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Knee Replacement Surgery - VishwaRaj Hospital

Why knee replacement surgery is needed?

Walking on two limbs is what separates us humans from rest of the animals but this comes at a great cost. Our knees have to withstand forces anywhere between 3 times our body weight during climbing stairs to 7 times the body weight during squatting exercises.

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Kidney stone

crystallisation of urinary chemicals such as calcium ,oxalate ,phosphate ,magnesium etc in urinary tract(kidney calyx ,pelvis,ureter,bladder,urethra) Kidney stone formation: These are the different sites of

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Reasons for Women to See Urologist - VishwaRaj Hospital

8 reasons for women to see a Urologist?

Urologists aren’t just a specialist for men; women can also visit them. They get the proper training to treat problems relating to the urinary tract. It is a whole system of muscles, organs, and tubes like that of the kidney.

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Kidney stone

crystallisation of urinary chemicals such as calcium ,oxalate ,phosphate ,magnesium...

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Blood Transfusion - VishwaRaj Hospital

Why would you need a Blood Transfusion?

A blood transfusion is a process of transferring blood or its product from donor to the recipients. This process helps in saving many people’s life by supporting the person during excessive blood loss.

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Facts About Cancer - VishwaRaj Hospital

13 Facts you need to know about Blood Cancers?

Your blood performs the essential function of the body by supplying oxygen to every organ. It contains an equal mix of red blood cells and white blood cells. But when you have blood cancer, your body produces too many white blood cells, which stocks up healthy cells.

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Dermatologist - VishwaRaj Hospital

Why it’s important to every Woman to See a Dermatologist by Age 25

There is a prevalent misconception that visiting the dermatologist is only for emergencies. But, the real question remains unanswered. With the ever-increasing pollution, stress, and hectic schedule, does the skin not require regular maintenance? Like every part of the body, you need to take care of the skin too.

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Cancer Treatment - VishwaRaj Hospital

What type of Skin Cancer can Kill You?

One of the most prevalent cancer types is skin cancer. It occurs due to an uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells in the skin. It usually appears on the face, scalp, chest, hands, ears, lips, etc. Skin cancers can occur regardless of the type of skin tone.

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Oral Surgery - VishwaRaj Hospital

Tips to recover from oral surgery

Whatever is the reason you have gone through oral surgery, it is essential to take care, afterwards! These care and precaution help you heal faster and better. Some of the reasons you opt for oral surgery are the removal of wisdom teeth and new dental implants. Also, if you have any problem with your gum and teeth, you need oral treatment.

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Jaw Surgery - VishwaRaj Hospital

Do I really need jaw surgery?

When you can’t survive the biting pain and is too chronic to be corrected by braces, then it is time for you to get jaw surgery. Many people misunderstand it to be a scary process, but it is not.

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Sleep Disorder - VishwaRaj Hospital

What are most common sleep disorders? How are they treated?

Sleep disorders are medical conditions that affect an individual’s ability to sleep daily. There are numerous reasons that can contribute to this disorder. It might not seem serious, but sleeping issues are actually a global epidemic that hampers the health standard and life quality of about 45% of the global population.

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Woman With Sinusitis - VishwaRaj Hospital

How Can I Permanently Cure Sinusitis?

Sinusitis or sinus infection is the medical condition in which the paranasal sinuses swell. The production of the slimy mucus aids in moistening the nasal pathways. But, when there is an overproduction, the sinus becomes irritated, and inflammation occurs.

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Emergency Medical Condition - VishwaRaj Hospital

Steps to follow in an emergency?

An emergency can take place anywhere and at any time. It is a situation that requires immediate action. So the main thing you need to focus on is First Aid and calling emergency care. Calling emergency care will help you respond and treat any emergency. Remember your action can save someone’s life.

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Medical Emergency - VishwaRaj Hospital

What are the most common medical emergencies?

Medical emergencies are pervasive; it is not something that happens rarely. But that doesn’t mean it is casual and understandable. Every individual should be well aware of how to detect an emergency and react to it at that particular moment.

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Some Effective Remedies To Get Relief From Piles

Some effective remedies to get relief from Piles

Piles are a very common disease that one can suffer. About 75 percent of individuals experience them at some point in time. Though they basically get cured in a few weeks on their own, yet they can cause mild to severe discomfort. Some effective remedies to get relief from piles treatment are as follows.

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Pros And Cons For Laser Treatment For Piles

Pros and Cons for Laser Treatment for Piles

Laser hemorrhoids surgery for piles is one of the most common and modern treatments for piles that have been creating a significant impression lately. It is considered as the best operated when the patient is suffering severely and the pain is tormenting.

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Piles Causes

Know about the Causes of Piles

Piles, also known as Hemorrhoids are lumps in your anus and the lower rectum. One can get piles due to numerous reasons faced all long. Here are some causes piles disease one should know.

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Clinical Pathologist with Microscope

What does a clinical pathologist do?

Clinical pathologists are special healthcare workers who have experience in lab activities, clinical pathologists. They have in-depth knowledge of how to diagnose the disease, their prevention, and treatments.

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Kidney Cancer - VishwaRaj Hospital

How quickly does kidney cancer grow?

Several factors determine the rate of growth of kidney cancer. The cancer growth can depend on your overall health, age, and the type of cancer you are going through. These factors all together determine the speed at which it spreads.

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Food for good kidney health - VishwaRaj Hospital

12 Steps to Keep your Kidneys Clean and Healthy

Kidneys are essential for our body. It filters around 200 quarts of blood daily. It filters all the waste material and excess water to eliminate it out of the body. Removing toxins is very necessary for the smooth functioning of the body.

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Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

What are the 5 warning signs of breast cancer?

As breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women, women must keep looking for any symptoms. Women, after they attain the age of 40 must go for a screening once a year and must do self-examination regularly to check whether there is any symptom. Thus, it is important to know how these changes take place and when can a sign be a warning sign.

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Women after Chemotherapy - VishwaRaj Hospital

Things not to do while on chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a treatment that the cancer patient goes through to kill the cancer cell. In chemotherapy, the doctor uses different types of drugs or chemicals to cure the disease. However, there are some downsides of the process which the cancer patient has to suffer.

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Causes of Eye Defect - VishwaRaj Hospital

What causes eye defects in babies?

A baby usually suffers from eyesight problem when at the stage of their eye muscle development there is some problem. Infants take time to develop their vision, and there may be a time where he needs medical help.

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Physical Therapy - VishwaRaj Hospital

What condition does physical therapy treat?

A physical therapist is a professional who has in-depth knowledge about your body’s biomechanics. So, if they find any deficiency in your physical movement, they can identify the leading cause of it. Accordingly, they suggest you treatment. 

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Plastic Surgery - VishwaRaj Hospital

What should I know before plastic surgery?

When we talk about changing appearance, physic, face, and health, we worry a lot. It is appropriate to know the facts and risks before taking such a huge decision. But it is no use to daydream and delay the process.

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Radiology in Healthcare

What is the importance of radiology in healthcare?

Radiology is also known as diagnostic imaging. The process involves multiples tests, which require projecting and picturing various parts of the body. Radiology is useful in several operations such as CT scan, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, etc. required during diagnosis.

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