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Brest Cancer Signs - VishwaRaj Hospital

12 Breast Cancer Sign Everyone Should Know

12 Breast Cancer Sign Everyone Should Know

Brest Cancer Signs - VishwaRaj Hospital

Understanding the normal functioning of the body can detect various abnormalities. If people are more aware of the changes they are going through, it is possible to see cancer early. You should know the perkiness, size, and shape of your breast to detect any abnormalities. However, if you do notice, do not ignore the fact; immediately contact your doctor.

Some common signs of breast cancer

There is not just one sign of breast cancer; if you carefully notice, you will find many signs of it. We have mentioned some of them so to help you analyze the problem, if any:

Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge is not that much of a concerning factor as both men and women have discharge from both of their breasts. However, if it only discharges from one of the boobs, it can be an early cancer sign. Additionally, it becomes more distinct if it is clear or bloody look-wise. However, the other factors because of which you may experience nipple discharge are:

  • Squeezing the nipple.
  • Having an infection

It does not matter whether it is a sign of cancer; you must see your doctor.


It is not dangerous to have a lumpy breast as it contains tissue of lumpy texture. Lumpiness can be of different types. However, it is the same throughout your breast area; the chance of experiencing breast cancer decreases. But if you experience the following situation, you must get it checked before its late:

  • A hard lump that is not usual and different from others
  • You have a lump on only one side of the breast.
  • You experience a change in the texture of your breast. But this change is not due to your menstrual cycle.

Cancerous lumps are usually hard, painless, and have uneven edges. At the same time, they can also be round, soft, and tender. So it is advisable to get it checked by the doctor if you find anything suspicious.

Change in boob size

If you experience swelling in your boob and not because of your menstrual cycle, then it is a reason for worrying. Moreover, the risk increases if only one of the boob increases in size. However, it is normal to have uneven boob size, but if you find a sudden increase in your cup size, it is unusual. You have to get it evaluated by the doctor.

Mark on your breast

Often, women ignore red and white-colored marks on their breasts as a cause of lousy bra or heavy purse. However, if you experience thickening of your skin that looks precisely like a welt, it is not acceptable. It is a sign of a different form of breast cancer known as inflammatory breast cancer. Additionally, about 10 percent of breast cancer is of this category. So if you notice such a change in your body, go for an evaluation immediately.

Inverted nipple

It is normal to have an inverted nipple if you are born with it. But if you grow it suddenly, it can be an early symptom of breast cancer; mostly, it is in just a single breast. So get it checked by your doctor.

Skin problem

If you are experiencing scaly sore or itchiness around your nipples, it may be because you got bit by an insect. However, it is also an early sign of breast cancer. We all get rashes in different parts of our body, but it can be a problem if it continues for a long. Additionally, if it doesn’t go away even after applying steroid cream and hydrocortisone, you need immediate attention.

Bump under your armpit

It is not only the breast where you can discover an early sign of breast cancer. But it can also show up in your armpit. When you have a bump in your armpit, it is customary to think it may be because of ingrown hair. However, it can also be because of an enlarged lymph node developing in your armpit, which needs to be biopsied.

Sore spot 

Breast cancer is not painful at all. However, sometimes the pain might be present in some focussed area of the breast. Also, you will be able to put your finger on it. If you feel a sore spot or any uncomfortable situations, give a heads up to your doctor.

Stretched- out skin

Always care for how your skin looks in the chest area. If you develop any cancer tissue, it stretches the skin to one side or expands to the other. Therefore, if you feel any stretched-out skins appearing on your breast, consult with your doctor.

Frequent pain in different body parts

If there are conditions where you are experiencing frequent pain in different body parts, back, head, or bone, consult your doctor. This recurring pain or ache is an early sign of cancer; however, there can also be other pain factors.

Change in your weight

If you have had a sudden increase or decrease in your weight, it is not usual. Moreover, if it is followed by decreased appetite and a change in waist size, you should pay attention to it. Yes, it can be for many reasons, but it can be a warning sign. So whether it is because of breast cancer or any other reason, get it evaluated.

Problem in breathing

Breast cancer usually starts from the breast but is also capable of spreading throughout the entire body. When it spreads to other parts of the body, it is known as metastatic breast cancer. Additionally, the most common areas where it spreads are the lungs, liver, bones, and brain. Therefore, if you experience a bone ache or any breathing problem, it is because of this. There is a high chance that you are growing cancer cells in one of the other organs.


If you go through diagnosis at an early stage, the percentage of you recovering from breast cancer increases up to 99%. Remember the above sign and symptoms, and if you experience any one of them, show it to your doctor.

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