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Varicose veins treatment

What are Varicose Veins And Treatments

What are Varicose Veins And Treatments

Varicose veins treatment

What are veins?

Veins are tube like structures that carries deoxygenated blood from various parts of body to heart for the purification of blood.

What do veins have?

The veins have valves (door) like structures in between.

What is the function of valves?

The role of the veins is to carry deoxygenated blood from the legs to the heart i.e. in upward direction opposite to the gravity. Valves here allow the blood to flow only in the upward direction and once the valves are closed it prevents the blood from flowing the downward direction i.e. towards the legs.

What are the diseases that can occur in veins?

One of the major diseases that occur in veins is varicose veins. Varicose veins mostly appear in the calf muscles.

What exactly happens when you have varicose veins?

As mentioned earlier valves are main Heroes of veins, when these valves stops functioning properly then the blood from the veins flows into the uneven direction. This leads to the deformation of the vein’s natural shape and they tend to become larger than the normal size and appear like a spider’s net.  

What discomfort do you get due of varicose veins?

  • Swelling in affected part which leads to pain.
  • Heaviness in the leg.
  • Muscles cramp (usually at night).
  • Burning, itching, and throbbing sensation in the affected part.
  • Skin colour is changes to bluish purple
Varicose Marathi

Stages of varicose veins:

Stage 1 – Spider Veins

In this stage the dilated vein capillaries gives spider’s net like appearance in the leg, while in some cases there might be pain in leg. If varicose veins get treated at this stage then no further progression of this disease can occur.

Stage 2 – Varicose veins

In this stage the affected veins have a ropey-like appearance and bulge and often protrude from the skin. If proper treatment is not given at this stage then the severity of the early symptoms have higher chances of increasing and can worsen the situation leading to interference in daily activities.

Stage 3 – Leg Edema:

Leg Edema occurs when this venous disease progresses with time. There is also a chronic leg welling which arises over the course of the day or after standing for long time period. Few other symptoms include restless leg syndrome, itching of skin, severe aching or cramp. 

Stage 4 – Skin Changes:

 As venous disease progresses with the blood from the blood vessels starts leaking into the skin tissue that leads to brown discoloration of skin and appears as a stain on the skin.

Stage 5 – Leg Ulcers:

 The last stage of this venous disease is getting ulcers on leg which significantly impacts our quality life. This stage is considered to be extremely painful, itchy, and requires constant care and dressing.

Is there any relief for you from these varicose veins?

Yes, there are treatment options available for varicose veins. If you have minor symptoms then there is no need of any heavy surgery/treatment, for that there are some easy natural ways to get relief.

Natural Ways/Home Remedies:

  1. Exercise: Under the guidance of your family doctor you can get rid of varicose veins by doing simple exercises on regular basis.
  2. Elevation of affected leg: Sleep with your affected leg raised on the pillow for relief. This will lead to proper blood flow through your veins.
  3. Weight loss: If you are obese and suffering from varicose veins, then with help of proper diet, exercise and some Lifestyle changes you can lose your weight and get some relief from pain.
  4. Avoid these things: Avoid wearing very tight clothes around affected area. Avoid standing and sitting for longer duration.
  5. Compression stockings: You can get compression stockings from the medical store. In medical stores you will get compression stockings. These stockings give compression on affected parts by squeezing it automatically improving the blood flow through veins to heart.

Advance Treatments:

If your varicose veins are giving severe discomfort, pain then you need to doctor will suggest you further treatments.

  1. Sclerotherapy: This is an OPD level treatment which does not include anaesthesia. Your expert doctor will inject a solution or foam in the small and medium sized veins for jolting them and get them closed. Some veins need repetition of procedure after which they will disappear.
  2. Laser treatment: This treatment uses the latest technology for curing varicose veins which does not include incisions or needles to close the small sized varicose veins. In this the expert doctor sends strong bursts of light onto the affected vein which lead to closure of vein. Slowly the affected vein fades and eventually disappears.
  3. Phlebectomy: It means stab avulsion. In this treatment the doctor puts small cuts in the skin to remove varicose veins.
  4. Ligation and stripping: In this treatment the doctor make cuts in the skin over the varicose veins and then they legate (means tied) off those varicose veins and strip them (means remove them).
  5. Radiofrequency treatment: In this treatment the radiofrequency energy is passed inside the affected vein to put scar on it and to close it off. This therapy is used to treat severely affected & large sized varicose veins in the leg. During this procedure the expert doctor inserts a catheter into vein and heats its tip with help of radiofrequency energy. This heat destroys the varicose vein and makes it collapse to seal it.
  6. Endoscopic vein surgery: In this procedure expert surgeon insert a thin video camera to locate the affected veins and then make small cuts on the skin to remove varicose veins. This treatment is applicable for the patients whose disease have progressed upto stage 5 (means there are ulcers of leg).

Conclusion: In order to avoid going through any advance surgery/treatment, visit your nearest doctor immediately when you start observing the earlier symptoms of varicose veins before it gets too late.

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