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Plastic Surgery - VishwaRaj Hospital

What should I know before plastic surgery?

What should I know before plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery - VishwaRaj Hospital

When we talk about changing appearance, physic, face, and health, we worry a lot. It is appropriate to know the facts and risks before taking such a huge decision. But it is no use to daydream and delay the process. The demand for cosmetic or plastic surgery is increasing with time. Nobody wants that ugly looking nose or saggy belly. Through plastic surgery, you can get all these things. However, there are some things to consider before going for plastic surgery.

10 Things To Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Every surgery has its own risk and complications, even the plastic and cosmetic ones. If you are healthy enough, then you may not feel the side-effects of the risk. The points to consider are:

  • Your health

You do not need to worry about the complications of the surgery if you are:

  1. Physically fit and have a stable and healthy weight.
  2. If you are not a smoker.
  3. Have down-to-earth expectations.
  4. Interested in enhancing your physic.

Moreover, if you plan to have a baby or lose weight, it would be best to postpone the surgery. If your body will gain weight and shrink continuously after surgery, you will lose the aesthetic result. Furthermore, if you lose weight before the surgery, the risk lessens to a great extent.

  • Your way of thinking

The right-thinking behind going for plastic surgery is having it because you will feel better about yourself. After you have gone through the surgery, you will find a better version of yourself. However, if you are considering surgery because of someone else, it might not be the right decision.

It should be clear in your inner self that surgery might help you gain confidence. But it will not help you get better relations, a more satisfying life, or a higher-pay job. So it is essential to understand what your expectations with the surgery are. You do not want to disappoint yourself later.

  • Qualification of your surgeon

The number of the plastic surgeon is increasing over the years. Even OB/GYN, a cardiologist, and internal medicine doctors are practicing cosmetic surgery. So make sure your surgeon has a board certificate in plastic surgery. Also, he must have completed fifty hours of continuous medical study each year. These requirements are necessary to ensure your doctor is up-to-date. Moreover, he should also take regular performance tests and also refer to his patient result.

  • Recovery time

Do not keep an unrealistic expectation that you will look like a model just after your surgery is successful. Be patient as it will take time for you to recover. Thus, give proper time for your swelling and bruises to go away. This time usually ranges from weeks to months to form a new shape. If necessary, take some time off from work or household work to recover if the condition is sensitive. Also, consult with your doctor beforehand about all the post-surgery procedures.

  • Evaluate the facility

Not only check the doctor’s credential make sure to evaluate the facility too. The surgeon should perform the surgery in a licensed facility such as a medical center and hospital. Private homes, office buildings, and strip malls are usually not equipped with the appropriate requirement. Therefore, it may invite complication, so try to steer clear of it.

  • Proper saving

Plastic surgery can be quite expensive, and you can also not cover it under any insurance policy. But if you buy a policy that separately covers this policy. Health insurance policy does not mention under any clause to cover for losses relating to the cosmetic process.

Moreover, in this area, you cannot bargain or find ways to cut costs to hamper the quality. So it is best to save for expenses relating to cosmetic surgery. Even it means you have to wait for another several year for you to get operated on in the future.

  • Don’t try to minimize risk.

Even though plastic surgery is an elective or optional choice, it can carry some risk. The process involves the application of general anesthesia or local sedation, which can cause some side-effects. So it is best to discuss it with your doctor before. In addition to this, there may be surgical complications too. Surgical complications include wound separation, infection, or even failure in realizing the desired result.

  • Compare nonsurgical option

Although the nonsurgical procedure can bring their disadvantages, it is always wise to compare them too. The non-invasive method also carries risk, is temporary, and can be more expensive. However, sometimes it can be more beneficial than a permanent solution.

  • Have full knowledge of stacked procedures

Sometimes the surgeons perform different types of surgery in the same operation or single room visit.

It is a full makeover and includes liposuction, breast lift, and tummy tuck. One of the classic examples of this makeover is a mommy makeover.

But you should know that the more trouble area you fix in one go, the greater is the recovery time. This whole time you will have to stay away from your family and work. Moreover, the extended surgery time may lead to extreme blood loss and more significant complications like infection.

  • The before and after photo 

We all get excited thinking about the way you will look after the surgery. You imagine yourself in a lot of ways. A question will also bother you about how the surgeon is going to change your appearance. Well, you can answer this fundamental question with the help of Photoshop. However, you can also refer to a photo of some other patient who has gone through the same surgery.

Every surgeon has a collection of this photo to which the patient can refer to building better trust. But make sure it is not stock photos rather authentic images.


So summing it up, you now understand that you consider plastic surgery for yourself, not for your parent or partner. Make sure you are comfortable with the procedure and your surgeon. Moreover, you should select a surgeon who you can trust with your health and physic. Desired plastic surgery outcome requires the effort of both surgeon and patient.

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