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Chromium Rich Foods and Insulin Sensitivity in Diabetes

What is Chromium?

Chromium is an essential mineral that is not made by our body, means we have to take it by our daily diet and it helps in ‘Insulin Sensitivity’ with its other important functions in body like it stimulates fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis, plays important role in brain functions and other body processes.

Daily requirement (RDA) of chromium is around 25-35 microgram depends on age.

As chromium is important to breakdown glucose, if there is chromium deficiency, there may be insulin resistance due to which pre-diabetic or diabetic conditions may be occurred.

What is Insulin resistance?

When we eat food specially carbohydrate rice foods in meal insulin secretes from pancreas.

If person takes simple carb (for eg:- sugar, maida) rich foods in every meal, high consumption of simple carb rich foods then more insulin secreted by pancreas, at one time β cells which secretes insulin gets damaged and resistance of insulin takes place. That time blood sugar level increased and per-diabetic or diabetic condition starts.

HBA1C is the best blood test to rule out this condition.

Chromium Rich Food –

With other dietary restrictions if diabetic or pre-diabetic patient include chromium rich foods in their daily diet insulin sensitivity may be increasing.

Also if patients have uncontrolled diabetes, chromium rich foods may useful to regain back insulin sensitivity and thus sugar level can be normalized, proven by many researchers in many journals like “Diabetes care” a journal of American Diabetes Association and so many journals.

Include following foods which is rich in chromium,
  • Amaranth seeds(Rajgira),
  • Millets like Bajra (Pearl millet), Nachani (Ragi),
  • Barley, Poha
  • Green Leafy vegetables like Fenugreek leaves (Methi), Amaranth Leaves (Rajgira leaves),Raddish leaves, Ambadi leaves(gogu),Spring Onion,
  • Green tomato, Fenugreek seeds (Methi Seeds),Paneer (fulfilled daily requirement)
  • All tadka ingredients like Mustard, Cumin seeds, Hing (Asafetida) , Red Chillies, Curry leaves
  • Ayurvedic Kadha – Cinnamon + Bay leaves + Cloves + Pepper + Turmeric.
  • Ayurvedic Phant – Soaked Methi seeds in hot water whole night.

Chromium Supplements

If blood sugar level is very high more than 250, then chromium supplements are very beneficial to control the high blood sugar level.(Strictly as per advised by Doctor only)

From above mentioned foods, amaranth seeds, paneer, poha, methi leaves, raddish leaves, spring onion, if consumed once a day, it will provide the required amount of chromium per day.

I use this chromium rich foods or supplement in my daily practice and it gives best results

Dr. Swati Khartode

Dr. Swati Khartode

Clinical Dietitian and Clinical Researcher

Vishwaraj Hospital,


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