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Dermatologist Approved Healthy Skin Care Routine for Winter

Dermatologist Approved Healthy Skin Care Routine for Winter

Dermatologist Approved Healthy Skin Care Routine for Winter

Dermatologist Approved Healthy Skin Care Routine for Winter

Who doesn’t love winter? The answer to this is probably “your skin!” With season your skin changes too and the winter is considered to be one of the most destructive seasons for your skin. The cold breeze of the season tends to extract the moisture from your skin leaving it flaky, dry, and itchy and. Beauty is the secondary aspect but to keep your skin healthy under such circumstances turns to be the most important aspect. In this article we will be sharing few tips approved/suggested by the expert dermatologist at Vishwaraj Hospital (Pune) for winter skincare routine.

Follow the below mentioned skincare routine suggested by the dermatologist for a healthy skin throughout the winter season.

  1. Stay warm: There is huge difference between heating up your body and staying warm during winters. Make sure you use lukewarm water for shower/bathing and not end up with extremely hot water with high temperature. Always remember, pouring hot water directly on your skin can worsen the skin condition as exposure to hot water for a longer time period can also make your skin dry. Do not forget to apply moisturizer immediately after the shower.


  1. Get rid of the winter itch: Winter itch is caused by severely dried out skin so make sure to apply moisturizer that contains ceramides. Ceramides are in-built in your skin which keeps the skin hydrated and combats dryness. Although, several environmental factors and day-to-day activities can damage the ceramides and leads to dry skin. Make sure to apply the ceramides-rich cream immediately after the shower while your skin is still wet, this will lock the moisture in retain the protective barrier on your skin.


  1. Dress wisely while you step out: Constant exposure to cold breeze can severely impact your skin. Prefer covering your body by wearing hand gloves, woollen sweaters, scarf, etc. and choose fabric that suites your skin.


  1. Apply sunscreen: It’s a myth going on for ages that you are not suppose to apply sunscreen in winters. Let us break this myth today; applying sunscreen on your skin during winters is one of the most important skincare routine you should follow. Exposure to sun leads to skin pigmentation issue, wrinkles at an early age, loss of collagen, and even skin cancer. Applying sunscreen maintains an even tone of your skin, heals, and lightens your skin pigmentation & scars.


  1. Stay hydrated: Taking care of skin just from the outer side is not the only solution, keeping your body moisturized & hydrated from within is equally important. Keep a habit of consuming plenty of water throughout the day. Water not only satisfies your thirst but also adds multiple benefits to your skin. Drinking lukewarm tea is another great option you can opt for in order to stay hydrated.


Conclusion: The above mentioned tips are only for regular winter skincare routine. However, if you are suffering from severe skin issues during winters, we would recommend you to consult your nearby expert Dermatologist who can help you overcome your skin related issues during winter.

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