12 Reasons You May Want to See a Cardiologist

Did you know that more than 17.9 million people die due to CVDs every year? With the rising mortality due to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) globally, it is vital that you take care of your heart. Even though the organ is similar to the average fist size, it works way harder than any other organs in the human body.

Moreover, it works non-stop, beating approximately 115,000 times each day. Can you imagine the kind of strain it puts on the heart to work out without any rest? Unlike you, it cannot stop its function even for a second. It is why prioritizing the health of the heart is of utmost importance. You might be delaying its treatment if you are not careful. And that can lead to disastrous consequences.

Reasons for opting for a visit to the cardiologist

If you are feeling restless or uncomfortable, a visit to a general doctor is a wise decision. From there, the general physician can direct or refer you to a heart specialist (or a cardiologist). In some insurance cases, this referral is quite vital.

It is never a good idea to ignore any distress signals from the heart. However, you also need to know the signs to take appropriate preventive measures. Check out the 12 reasons that can compel you to book a consultation with a cardiologist.

  • Family history

Sometimes, heart diseases can be due to genetics. In order to be absolutely confident, you have to do some investigation. Gather information from the family members, even the distant ones, and draw up a family tree. If you notice some patterns, along with high blood pressure and cholesterol, it is time to get that appointment done.

  • Chest pain

Chest pain is one of the most common causes of heart issues. Now, there are various other reasons that might cause pain, such as indigestion, but you cannot take any chances. Moreover, chest pains are also a sign of an impending heart attack. Not taking it seriously can eventually cause your death. Whenever you feel chest pain, do not ignore it!

  • Related symptoms

Apart from the chest pain, there are various other symptoms that you must know. For example, if you feel extreme fatigue or difficulty in breathing, it is cause for worry. Now, it might not be something serious or even related to the heart. But what if it is? Are you willing to take the risk? It is advisable to check out symptoms like dizziness, fainting, feeling heaviness within the heart, intense indigestion, etc.

  • High cholesterol level

The most frightening aspect of the increase in cholesterol levels is the absence of any visible signs. Thus, it is vital that you conduct regular doctor visits and ensure that the standard is maintained. Keep in mind that high cholesterol is a major risk factor associated with heart diseases. The best way to keep the levels from shooting up is to incorporate a healthy balanced diet.

  • Smoking habit

Smoking is a dangerous habit that can lead to massive heart-related medical conditions. It is another risk factor and can eventually lead to cancer and an increase in the blood pressure level. Remember that this is something that you have to make an attempt to get rid of. If you have a history of smoking, visiting the cardiologist may be a good idea.

  • High blood pressure

High blood pressure is another major sign of heart issues. It is vital to keep it under check. You must conduct monthly checkups at least. Also, high blood pressure is a symptom of a stroke. If you have always had a high BP, make sure that you seek that consultation immediately!

  • Diabetes

You might not know, but diabetes and heart diseases are strongly interconnected. It is due to the fact that high or low blood sugar levels have a disastrous effect on the blood vessels. Moreover, they also have an impact on their functionality. It further enhances the chance of developing a cardiovascular ailment. You can get in touch with a cardiologist to know more about preventive strategies.

  • Kidney diseases

Kidney diseases have a link with the potential to develop heart diseases. If you already have an existing kidney problem, you are more prone to developing arterial diseases.

  • Unexpected exercise

While exercise offers a plethora of benefits, it can affect the heart. If you incorporate a high-intensity workout, while having the risk factors, then that can be potentially harmful to your health. It is always better to take the suggestion of a healthcare expert before doing anything drastic.

  • Preeclampsia

This particular reason is only for the women, more particularly the pregnant ones. Preeclampsia is a medical condition in which blood pressure increases during pregnancy. It enhances the chance of developing cardiovascular ailments and hypertension. If you were diagnosed with preeclampsia, it is best to make that visit.

  • Peripheral arterial disease

Arteries are responsible for circulating the blood from the heart to the other organs. Now, if you are diagnosed with some arterial disease, then that’s cause for worry. It is because, in most cases, there are high chances of developing heart diseases. Visiting a cardiologist is a wise choice.

  • Congenital heart disease (CHD)

If you had congenital heart disease (CHD), then you need to make regular check-ups. It is a common misconception that CHD, once treated, does not require any after-care. That is simply not true. You need to follow the various rules and make sure to visit cardiologists from time to time.


It is vital that you understand the importance of the heart. Similarly, neglecting to ensure its health can lead to grave consequences for you. It can even become life-threatening in no time. Apart from the listed reasons, there are many more risk factors that alert you to visit a cardiologist. However, most of them can be prevented with simple changes in lifestyle. If you want to live a long healthy life, you need to implement some serious changes!

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