Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women

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Heart Attack is a life-threatening disease for both men and women; however, the symptoms tend to vary. Pain in the chest, discomfort lasting for few minutes (sometimes occurring frequently), or pressure are a few of the common heart attack symptoms in men and women.

Women often experience heart attack symptoms highly not related to chest pain which goes unnoticeable. These symptoms include:

  • Discomfort in jaw, neck, shoulder, upper back, or abdominal. The pain can either arise in one of the areas first or can directly show up in all the parts together
  • Shortening of breath accompanied by abnormal fatigue or chest pain can be felt while lying down compared to the easiness they feel while sitting straight
  • Sweating excessively or feeling extreme cold without any reason
  • Pain in either one or both the arms
  • Digestive and stomach related issues such as indigestion, nausea, vomiting
  • Abnormal fatigue can make a woman exhausted even while performing the simplest of daily routine tasks
  • Pain in the chest can be in form of pressure, tightness, squeezing, or aching like feeling
  • Experiencing the combined symptoms of weakness along with dizziness, anxiety, or feeling giddy
  • Facing disturbance in sleep cycle due to difficulty in getting sleep, waking up unusually at any time during sleep, feeling exhausted regardless of having a good sleep

Women experiencing the post-menopause phase are considered to be at higher risk as the reduced level of estrogens increases the chances of a heart attack.

The symptoms of a heart attack in women post-menopause include:

  • Rigorous chest pain
  • Excessive sweating without performing any activity
  • Quick or lopsided heartbeat
  • Pain or discomfort in neck, jaw, arms, back, or even stomach

These above-mentioned symptoms at first seem to be unclear when it comes to associate them with a deadly situation like that of a heart attack. Moreover, even emotional stress at times can play a major role in activating the symptoms of a heart attack in women. The reason behind these symptoms being unclear is because women tend to have blockages in their smaller arteries along with the main ones. These symptoms of a heart attack in women usually show up when a woman is resting or even napping. Due to these unusual symptoms, it becomes difficult for women to identify a condition as severe as getting a heart attack. Often such symptoms get diagnosed directly inside the emergency room when damage is already caused to the heart.  

In one of our previous blogs, we have shared a few of the major reasons why an individual should go for a regular heart check-up. Having the expert Cardiologist on board along with the well-equipped Centre for Cardiac Sciences we at Vishwaraj Hospital possess one of the best cardiology departments in Pune. Over the years we have been treating a lot of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and in our latest blog, we will be sharing information related to the symptoms of a heart attack in women.

Conclusion: It is advisable to consult your family doctor on an immediate basis when you tend to get a hint of any of the above-described symptoms of a heart attack.

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