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Physiotherapy - VishwaRaj Hospital

What do you need to know about physiotherapy?

What do you need to know about physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy - VishwaRaj Hospital

If you suffer from chronic pain very often, you should know about physiotherapy. The pain is more common in older people and hence need physiotherapy in their life. So let us first start with what is physiotherapy.

What are physiotherapy and its type?

Physiotherapy is a method that uses the latest technology to help you reduce your pain. Moreover, it also helps you maintain, promote, and restore your everyday being. In the treatment, the physiotherapist is the primary healthcare professional who guides you through several processes. Furthermore, it includes promoting your health, preventing injury, rehabilitation, etc. Moreover, they use their skills to diagnose and treat your illness, injury, and disability symptoms.

There are different types of physiotherapy. You can choose between them for the one best fitting for you:

  • One therapy helps improves your life.
  • Some therapy helps you treat different conditions.
  • Some allow you to recover faster and in optimal repair.
  • One that empowers you to take care of your health and put proper attention.

How can physiotherapy be useful?

As you already know physiotherapy can make your move pain-free. You mustn’t ignore your favourite physical activity because of any cause. So, to prevent chronic disease pain, the physiotherapy session helps the most and gives you adequate time. Thus, you can recover from different kinds of disease with the help of a physiotherapist.

For example, you are experiencing lower back pain. With the medical process of drug prescription, imaging, and surgeries, sometimes it results in over-treatment. However, by physiotherapy, you can make the treatment cost-effective.

Why do people consider physiotherapist?

In most cases, the injury you go through is physio and can result from different underlining issues. Supposedly, you are suffering from shoulder pain by heavy lifting in the gym or back pain from continually working on the computer. Accordingly, the physiotherapy upon looking on your condition gives you treatment and therapy.

However, depending on how old are you, your healthcare professional will advise you to take physio session? Physio helps in encouraging people to keep working, promoting healthy age and remaining independent for long. This whole-body recovery and maintenance help people recover from injury and also reduce the risk.

What to expect from your first physiotherapy appointment?

The professional with whom you work recognize and analyze your abilities and functional need. Furthermore, after finding the required data, the physiotherapist will develop a perfect treatment plan for you. The approach will include a combination of current techniques and methods. During the appointment you can expect the following:

  • Knowing about your medical history.
  • Diagnosing your symptom and pain.
  • Help you set your goal and meet them.
  • Prescribe devices and medicine.
  • Create a personalized treatment plan keeping in mind your lifestyle, activity and health.

Common problems that physiotherapy deals with

For dealing with the various problem of pain and other issues, physiotherapy are opted by individuals. These problems can include the following:

  • Work-related injuries
  • Headaches
  • Muscle strains
  • Joint sprains
  • Sport injuries
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Tendinosis
  • Vertigo
  • Jaw pain
  • Plantar fasciitis

The treatment methods of physiotherapy

Physical therapists follow different types of treatment method while working with a patient. So, depending on the cause, your treatment usually varies. But mainly it includes the following:

  • Cupping
  • Taping
  • Goal setting
  • Functional training
  • Stretching
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Massage
  • Joint mobilization
  • Self-management strategies
  • Workout prescription
  • Dry needling

Techniques used in physiotherapy

A physiotherapist always follows the latest and updated techniques that are most fitting your condition. Moreover, it is something that should be according to your needs and unique injury. However, some primary physiotherapy techniques are:

  • Acupuncture: Needles are for stimulating your nervous system and helps in reducing pain. Additionally, it reduces stress from the muscles, boosts your immunity and facilitates various body functions.
  • Manual manipulation: The physiotherapist manipulates soft tissues and joints to improve your circulation. Moreover, they drain fluid from the body and use spasm for muscle relaxation.
  • Demonstration: Here, the healthcare professional will demonstrate the proper way to move. This demonstration helps the patient heal better by themselves.
  • Device provision: Fabrication, Prescription, and application of adaptive, assistive, supportive, and protective equipment and devices act as device provision.
  • Electrical nerve stimulation: When small electrical currents are for the stimulation of muscle can help in suppression. As a result, pain signals cannot pass through the central nervous system.
  • Functional testing: Carrying out the test in patients to analyze his/her physical abilities.
  • Exercise: Prescribe some training to improve the range of your motion and increase joint strength.
  • Passive movement: An injury often constricts you from moving your joint. Thus, a physiologist can help you loosen up your stiff joints, muscles, and tissue. One way of doing this is passive movements. Passive movements are generally performed by the other person and not by ourselves. But you can stop the moment anytime by tensing up your muscles.

Qualification of physiotherapists

Physiotherapists are highly professional health specialists who have in-depth knowledge about how your body works. There are various approaches they follow to treat and control your conditions. However, these techniques mainly include manual therapy, movement and exercise, and hydrotherapy.

For performing such difficult work, you physiotherapy must have a master degree in physiotherapy. Moreover, he should have passed national entry-level education and have practical knowledge of standards. Ensure he has met national Physiotherapy Competency Examination. Then he has taken admission for a physiotherapist in the college.

There are many fields in which physiotherapists can practice like schools, workplaces, home visit agencies, clubs, healthcare centers, etc.


When you feel that you cannot move your muscles or function properly, you should consider physiotherapy. It optimizes your everyday health. Moreover, you can also consult a professional for an excellent place to start. The therapist can guide you with perfect options for recovery that is up to your pace.

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