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Brain Bipolar Disease cause

What is the main cause of bipolar disorder?

What is the main cause of bipolar disorder?

Brain Bipolar Disease cause
Bipolar disorder causes a change in mood among many individuals. The effects of the disease can range from mood episodes to extreme and intense emotional states. These can affect your regular day. People with this disease can experience bouts of everyday mood too. You can categorize mood into three:
  • Depressive
  • Manic
  • Hypomanic
You can distinguish these three by the change in behaviors. There is no single cause as to why you are experiencing the symptoms of bipolar disorder. However, the researchers have found some factors that may lead to this disease in some individuals.

Causes of bipolar disorder

The exact cause is not known, but the factors may include the following:

  • Genetics: Most people have bipolar disorder as they have a first-degree relative, for example, parent or sibling, going through the same condition. Researchers are still trying to discover the gene that causes bipolar disorder.
  • Biological difference: People with some abnormal change in the brain are seen suffering from bipolar disorder. The importance of these brain changes is not yet identified, but it may be pinpointed as a significant reason in the future.

Risk Factor of Bipolar Disease

The factors that increase the risk of having bipolar disorder or the main trigger of the condition can include:

  • If you abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Events relating to high stress, such as the death of beloved or other traumatic periods.
  • Having a close relative with the same disease as a parent or sibling.


There is no exact way to prevent the condition. But you can better your mental health as well as physical health to avoid situations of bipolar disorder. So to prevent minor symptoms from converting into a worsening condition like depression or mania, you can follow the following suggestion:

  • Avoid drugs or alcohol: Daily abusing drug or alcohol can make your condition worse. Moreover, if you are not receiving the symptoms for a while, it increases the risk of it returning.
  • Take your medicines: You may think that you have recovered and do not need to take drugs anymore but do not stop before the doctor prescribes you. Stopping the medication in the middle can also result in withdrawal symptoms and condition getting worse.
  • Pay close attention to warning Signs: Recognizing the disease early, can prevent the episodes from getting severe. You may have known for a while that you have bipolar disorder, yet you decide to ignore it. But it would be best if you contact your doctor immediately. Also, involve or share with your family to watch you when going through an episode of mania.


Suicidal or self-harming thoughts are prevalent in people suffering from bipolar disease. So, if you feel any of these immediately take professional help or let someone care for you. Try to stay positive by following self-development techniques or by exercising regularly. However, if the episode keeps coming back again, you should consult a doctor about the treatment you can go through.

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