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Physical Therapy - VishwaRaj Hospital

What condition does physical therapy treat?

What condition does physical therapy treat?

Physical Therapy - VishwaRaj Hospital

A physical therapist is a professional who has in-depth knowledge about your body’s biomechanics. So, if they find any deficiency in your physical movement, they can identify the leading cause of it. Accordingly, they suggest you treatment.

A specific part of your body gets weak after injury or sometimes needs the power to regain its strength after surgery. Thus, with the help of a physical therapist, you can treat those specific areas and release the stress in muscles without pain.

In unique after post-operative therapy, people are seen to benefit from physical therapy for a stress-free recovery. With the help of a few exercises focused on the targeted area, you can relieve pain quickly and can move forward into well-being. The conditions that you can treat from physical therapy are as follows.

List of diseases you can treat from physical therapy.

Following is the list of diseases you can take care of, just by carrying out physical therapy sessions.

  • Sports injury

You can treat some specific types of sports injuries. For instance, you can recover stress fractures from the appropriate program. Moreover, you can follow prevention exercises for quick and safe treatment.

  • Back and neck pain

Chronic pain that you usually feel on your back or neck always interrupts daily routine. It can even last for months or years. Thus, physical therapy helps treat pain and facilitates mobility.

  • Vertigo

People often feel light-headed and dizziness which sometimes leads to dangerous falls. People sometimes feel it in general or sometimes frequently. But you can avoid it by balancing it through physical therapy. Thus if you are suffering through vertigo physical therapy is the answer.

  • Lymphedema

When the excessive fluid gets stuck in your lymphatic system, it keeps moving around your bloodstream, causing swelling. The therapist uses CDT or complete decongestive therapy to lessen the swelling and avoid future fluid growth.

  • Muscular Dystrophy

Skeleton and muscles degenerate and keep on weakening as you get older or affect various disorders. However, you can treat this by mobility exercise and by considering supporting frames.

  • Concussion

The percentage of people suffering from a concussion is increasing day by day. But many people do not know about physical therapy that can help to treat many symptoms of trauma. The symptoms include balance problems, headaches, and dizziness. You can also join a head injury and concussion management program that benefits any individual who had a concussion. Moreover, even if you see a potentiality of trauma, you can participate in the activity.

  • Jaw pain

The joint that helps move the jaw is the most functional jaw of the body and is known as Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). Acute inflammation of the TMJ is a joint disorder known as Temporomandibular joint disorder.

The therapy you get will include anti-inflammation modalities, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, posture correction, and modification to workouts and diets.

  • Headaches

Through physical therapy, you can get rid of alleviating headaches that are generally caused by skeletal issues. These issues include muscle tightness and tension, lack of neck motion, disc pathology, poor posture, or stiffness in the back. Your treatment may range from using a hot water bag to posture training based on your problem.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder where the joint surface gets degraded, resulting in inflammation within the joint. Therapeutic intervention can help you reduce the chronic pain of arthritis. Moreover, physical therapy can improve the overall function of the joint.

  • Plantar Fasciitis

In Plantar Fasciitis the portion known as plantar fascia which serves as a connective tissue surrounding your bottom feet suffers inflammation. The treatment you get can vary from simple calf stretches to carrying out walking analysis to treat this inflammation.

  • Urinary inconsistency

If you are suffering from bladder leakage or frequent urges to go to the toilet, you might suffer from urinary incontinence. Physical therapy can help improve your stability by increasing the strength and enhancing the endurance of the core. It improves transverse abdominals, pelvic floor, and hip muscles to prevent further problems.

  • Whiplash

Suffering from injury in your neck that results in rapid movement into flexion and extension is known as whiplash. Most people suffer from this injury due to a car accident or participation in a high-velocity contact sport. If you are considering physical therapy to treat whiplash symptoms, then it can include spine movement assessment. Based on your condition, your treatment can consist of manual stretches, massage, range of motion, etc.

  • Sciatica

It is a low back problem that can result in pain down the entire leg. It is another type of disorder that you can treat from physical therapy. The treatment that the therapist may suggest is muscle energy techniques to core strengthening exercises.

  • Parkinson’s disease 

This disease is a neurological disease and is a progressive movement disorder. The condition can result in acute motor limitation and tremors. Similarly, you can also treat this disease with a physical therapy session and follow resistance strength exercises.

  • Foot fracture

It is the most common disorder that can happen to anyone from just a small fall. Foot fracture results in broken bones, open, closed, or compound fractures: this shows the effect on your movement. So, depending upon how severe the condition is and the fracture location, therapy is prescribed to you.

  • Cancer

After receiving cancer treatment, post-treatment time is full of pain and disability, which tremendously affects the patient’s life. Thus, for managing the consequences of the treatment, you can join physical therapy to recover and repair all the broken cords. Therapy helps identify and treat impairments.

  • Ankle sprain

People with a little ignorance can easily twist their ankles leading to damage to the ligaments. The ligament gets torn and stretched, making the ankle painful and swollen. But, you can treat swollen ankles fast through physical therapy and some home remedies.


No matter what disease you are suffering through by receiving physical therapy, you will find much relief. It helps to cure chronic pain even if it’s from surgery or regular work. Sometimes it is compulsory to take physical therapy to improve the treatment you have for severe medical conditions.

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What condition does physical therapy treat?

A physical therapist is a professional who has in-depth knowledge about your body’s biomechanics. So, if they find any deficiency in your physical movement, they can identify the leading cause of it. Accordingly, they suggest you treatment. 

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