What are the do’s and don’ts when planning for Pregnancy?

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Most people are aware of the basic things they should and shouldn’t do when trying to conceive. However, the best lifestyles to follow are not known to many. We ignore to adapt during the first days, but it shows its importance when you finally conceive. It is vital to give your little one’s healthy environment to nurture properly and grow well.

To help you with the above task here are some dos and don’ts that you can follow:

1. Do include vitamins in your diet
Your balanced diet must include all the required vitamins and mineral, which provides nutrients to your baby. It should be taken in the best way possible to support the proper growth of your baby. However, a balanced diet is not always enough.
Your body may require extra vitamins at the time of pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins serve the purpose by providing higher doses of nutrients to expected mothers. The vitamins are mainly:
● Calcium
● Iron
● Folic acid
The above multivitamin prevents cases of high-risk pregnancy and congenital disability. However, a doctor’s consultation is always advisable, since overdosing the vitamin can cause harmful effects.

2. Don’t consume excessive caffeine.
When trying to give your baby a healthy living environment, it is necessary to reduce caffeine intake. Limiting the intake of caffeine can help increase the chance of conceiving. Your per day caffeine consumption should be limited up to 100 mg a day. This 100 mg means one cup of caffeinated tea or coffee each day.

3. Do regular exercise
Those days are gone when the pregnant women were asked to take complete bed rest. Now we all know it is both good for baby and you to do regular exercise. Regular workout helps you solve many pregnancy issues like:
● Mood swing
● Insomnia
● Increasing weight gain
● Muscle pain
If you already have the habit of exercising daily, then carry on. However, consult your doctor if changes required in your workout routine. Some workouts are not recommended during the late trimesters. Further, if you do not exercise daily ask your doctor for a fitness routine. The doctor set a safe and suitable pattern comfortable for both you and your baby.

4. Don’t take too much stress.
This point is something that you cannot control even if you want to and can be difficult. Stress is also something that develops because of hormonal change. However, it is vital to maintain it to prevent any problem during ovulation. Meditation, proper sleep and healthy habit can reduce stress to a large extent. Adopt breathing exercises for better result.

5. Eat seafood
Seafood is rich in minerals and vitamins, including zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acid. These heart-healthy vitamins are necessary for you and your baby. However, make sure it is not raw or undercooked. Semi cooked seafood can cause a severe problem.
When seafood is cooked thoroughly, it eliminates all the viruses and bacteria inside it. Additionally expected mothers should also not consume raw fish and those fish which contain a lot of mercury. Some examples of fish that have a lot of mercury are:
● Tilefish
● Swordfish
● King mackerel
● Shark
Eat different types of fish do not stick to one to avoid a particular kind of mineral concentration. Also, eat less than twelve ounces of fish in a week.

6. Do grab a flu shot
It is highly recommendable for pregnant women to get flu shot unless you have an allergy as warned by the manufacturer. As the immunity power decreases when you are pregnant, it is always good to take prevention. If you by any chance get influenza, your condition will be worse as compared to any other non-pregnant woman. The vaccine will keep both of you protected from the worsening situation.

7. Don’t use lubricants.
When trying to conceive never opt for a standard or regular lubricants available at the drug store, it can reduce pregnancy chances. The ingredients used to make the lubricants can have adverse effects on the motility of the sperm. However, in some condition lubricants becomes necessary if you have been trying for long.
However, some lubricants increase pregnancy chances, so before purchasing a search for the right one. You can also consult a doctor if you want a suggestion regarding sperm-friendly lubricant.

8. Practice yoga regularly
Proper yoga excluding hot yoga or Bikram is essential to maintain the health of you and your baby. You can also consult fitness gurus for proper gentle or prenatal yoga schedule designed especially for expecting mothers. The instructor has experience and idea of which poses will be safe for both of you and what poses to avoid.
If possible, join yoga classes and carry out yoga in front of your instructor to ensure safety. But some people don’t find it comfortable, so take proper instruction beforehand. However, if you see any side effects immediately consult your instructor or doctor.

9. Don’t smoke
Smoking is not recommended during regular days too, but you should never smoke in pregnancy mostly. For protecting the health of the baby, it is essential to prevent him/her from harmful air. Before conceiving, it is vital that you have quit smoking and you are no longer addicted to it.

10. Do increase weight but smartly.
Do not misuse the advice to eat for two to eat relentlessly. It is essential to eat in control. There should be a proper schedule for your eating habits. Do not overeat.
Take proper care of how you eat and what you eat. If you gain a lot of weight when pregnant, you can harm your baby. During 1st trimester you need only 100 calories extra for your baby. In 3rd trimester you need extra 300-500 calories extra.

Conclusion It is prevalent to take the pressure and find all the dos and don’ts before trying to conceive. But try not to take much pressure by overthinking. Once you start your journey, you will understand what to do and what not to do eventually. Always consult a doctor if you face any problem.

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