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Duodenal Atresia

Case Study | Duodenal Atresia - VishwaRaj Hospital
Case Scenario

One month old baby girl admitted with persistent vomiting and not gaining weight since birth. At home the parents managed the patient with medication but the vomiting still persisted. So, ultrasound & dye study was done which
showed obstruction at the duodenal (small bowel part) level. The patient was admitted at VishwaRaj. The child was very dehydrated & sick. The patient was resuscitated in PICU, IV fluids were given, Electrolyte correction was done with
blood transfusion. After stabilization of the patient, posted for emergency surgery.

Since duodenum 2nd part blocked, bypass anastomois done. Patient shifted to PICU, allowed feed through tube from day 3 and orally from day 7. Gradually feed increased and start gaining weight. Baby discharged in good condition.

About Surgeon –
Dr Jayesh Desale
Dr Jayesh Desale
Pediatric surgeon
Dr Chandrakant Sahare
Head Pediatrics
Dr Vitthal Shendage
Pediatric Anaesthetics
Our Anesthesia Team –

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VishwaRaj Hospital prides itself in providing the best services for the most critical departments.

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