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RTA with Through and Through Penetration of Iron rod in the leg (2.5 feet size rod)

Case study - RTA with Through and Through Penetration of Iron rod in the leg | VishwaRaj Hospital
Case Scenario
21 Year male, who is Truck Driver & native of Uttar Pradesh, was met with a Truck versus Truck accident at Theur Phata. During the head on collision, Driver landed with serious injurious such as 2.5 feet iron rod penetrated in the left leg through and through. Patient was transferred in Ambulance from the accident site th to VishwaRaj Hospitals Emergency Room at 5.30 am on 29 September, Sunday.
Patient Management at VishwaRaj Hospital

At Emergency Room (ER) – 

Patient was brought to Emergency room of VishwaRaj Hospital at 5.30 am in the morning by 108 Ambulance. Patients was stabilized Hemodynamically as he lost massive amount of blood due to ROD PENETRATION & Vessel injury. Later Patient’s Clinical condition was thoroughly evaluated by our TRAUMA TEAM (ER- Medical team, Plastic surgeon, Orthopedician, Anesthetic team, Surgical Registrar )

Medical Dilemma/ Ethical Dilemma

1. Identication of the person (belongs to other state – native of Uttar Pradesh)
2. Medico-legal case
3. Consent for the surgery/ Line of treatment (non- availability of relatives)
4. Limb Salvage / Limb Amputation
5. Team of treating Surgeons (Plastic Surgeon, Orthopedician, Anesthetic team, ER  Drs,Intensive care)

Continuation of Further treatment:
Once plan of treatment was nalized in the best interest of the patient to salvage limb, Doctors didn’t left with an option other than taking consent over the phone to immediately start the treatment (relatives were in UP, 2000+ km away from pune). Patient was taken to Surgery within few hours after stabilizing him hemodynamically, Compatible Blood was arranged including the implants & consumables required for the surgery.
About Surgeon –
Dr Sumit Saxena
MBBS MS(Gen Sur) MCH(Plastic Surery)
11 Years of Working Experience

A Renowned and Expert in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. He works at VishwaRaj Hospital as a HOD & Sr. Consultant of Plastic Surgery Department

Our Anesthesia Team –

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    VishwaRaj Hospital prides itself in providing the best services for the most critical departments.

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