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Defending Dengue: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Defending Dengue: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment Dengue fever, a prevalent mosquito-borne illness in tropical and subtropical regions, presents with common flu-like symptoms but can escalate into severe conditions such as hemorrhage and internal bleeding, sometimes leading to fatality.

Causes of Dengue Fever

Transmitted primarily through infected female mosquito bites, dengue fever finds its vector in the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

  1. High Fever
  2. Severe Headache
  3. Muscle & Joint Pains
  4. Nausea
  5. Rashes
  6. Eye Pain

For those experiencing a second dengue infection, symptoms can worsen:

  • Acute Abdominal Pain
  • Persistent Nausea
  • Breathlessness
  • Bleeding of the Gums & Nose
  • Excessive Fatigue
  • Blood in Vomit or Stools
  • Excessive Thirst
  • Preventing Dengue

Mosquito control stands as the most effective preventive measure against dengue. This includes reducing mosquito breeding sites and minimizing exposure through protective clothing and vaccination.

Treatment Options

Treatment for dengue primarily targets symptom management. Mild cases may be treated at home, while severe cases necessitate hospitalization. Treatment typically involves hydration, rest, and, in severe instances, ICU care.

For those seeking treatment in Pune, MAEER’S VishwaRaj Hospital in Hadapsar, under the expert care of Dr. DN Hambire, stands as a leading institution for dengue treatment. Offering comprehensive care and expertise in dealing with this disease, VishwaRaj Hospital provides specialized attention to every patient’s needs. If you or your loved ones require treatment for dengue, VishwaRaj Hospital is dedicated to providing top-tier medical care and support.

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Excellant treatment ,Clean, friendly atmosphere. Staff is really very nice. Each and every safety norm is followed. -class one treatments are available.latest technology medical equipments available and equally qualified doctors to handle everything flawlessly. The people accompanying the patient are also well arranged. All things are good .Life saving hospital.thank you so much to All vishvraj staff and all😊🙏🏻

Kiran Shelke

Very good neat and clean hospital well maintained, Doctors and other support staff all are very helpful. Taking care patient very well. My husband was admitted in corona ward 5th floor. He truly impressed by the service and treatment.
I specifically want to thanks Dr. Khartode who gives the best treatment.

Binita Chakraborty

Entire team is very friendly and helpful. Doctors, Nursing staff and other supporting staff are very careful about their patients. I got an excellent support and treatment even though I was alone when admitted in hospital.

Amit Bhatia

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