When should you go to the ER for urgent care?

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An accident or sudden problem in health can interrupt your whole day plan without any warning. This case is often followed by tension if you cannot find medical help at that moment. These situations are always very stressful, and it is often tough to decide in such a case.

But it is equally important to decide whether to go to an ER for urgent care depending upon the situation. Here we have mentioned a list of conditions in which you should go to ER for emergency and urgent care clinic in minor injury cases.

The difference between ER and Urgent care clinics

Pointing out the real difference between ER and urgent care clinics can be confusing because both denote critical time. However, the distinct difference that you can find between the two are:

Urgent care will help you get the proper treatment, but only when the doctor arrives. You will have to wait for the doctor or get an appointment to visit the doctor. But this not the case in the ER, where you get immediate treatment.

The emergency department will cure you as soon as you enter the room, but it may not be possible sometimes since they are not fully equipped like urgent care clinics. The walk-in clinics have proper equipment and professionals for cases of critical needs.

Depending upon the medical emergency, you should decide whether to go to the ER or walk-in clinic.

When to go to the ER

When you are going through a true medical emergency, make sure you directly go to the ER for treatment:

  • Severe trauma in case of head injury or eye injury.
  • Getting unconscious suddenly.
  • Heart attack followed by breathing issues, chest pain, and pale face.
  • Severe bleeding that you were not able to stop with pressure and is still flowing after five minutes of pressure.
  • Stroke followed by sudden weakening of the body, and slurred speech, or trouble understanding the words.

It is advisable to enter the ER section in these situations directly don’t wait for visiting a clinic. These situations are severe cases of emergency and require immediate care. However, if you face any other problem and are in confusion whether it is an emergency or not, don’t think instead run for ER.

Urgent care center or clinic for minor cases

Situations that are not life-threatening can be cured in urgent care or a clinic. The conditions are as follows:

  • Broken Bones
  • Animal Bites
  • Eye problem
  • Rashes and skin issues
  • Broken bones
  • Minor Burns
  • Flu, high fever, and sore throat
  • Headache that involves sinus or migraine
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Sports injury
  • Digestion problem

These clinics carry on processes like CT scan, X-rays and other checkup procedures such as stitching a cut or removing a foreign object from the body. Many retail health clinics does not have proper equipment to handle broken bones, stitching cuts, or treating other wounds. So it is better to visit an urgent care clinic when in a hurry.


From reading the points now, you must be clear when to go to the ER for immediate help and when to enter an urgent care clinic. However, if you cannot decide between the two go for ER.

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