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Dental science is the branch of medicine that deals with the examination, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and disorders related to the oral cavity or dental region.
The Department of Dental Science at any hospital focuses on the abnormalities, structure and development of the teeth. A doctor that practices dental science is called a dentist and he is the one we all visit when we have any dental problems. Caring for you and your set of pearly whites, the Department of Dental Science at VishwaRaj Hospital is a one-stop solution offering the most advanced and holistic dental care. From basic fillings and scaling to complete smile redesigning in a comfortable environment, experts at the hospital provide compassionate, individualised treatment options to children, adolescents, adults and even senior citizens giving them more than one reason to smile.

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    Amol Hargude

    My grandmother was admitted for a heart bypass surgery. The surgery went successful at the VishwaRaj Hospital, saving my grandmother’s life at the age of 75. We are very satisfied with the treatment and facilities. Thank you so much for all vishwaRaj Hospital and team.

    Our Health & Diagnostic Packages

    Basic Health Check-Up
    Test Name
    • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
    • Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)
    • Lipid Profile
    • Post Prandial Blood Sugar (PPBS)
    • Serum Creatinine
    • Urine Routine
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • Haemogram (Cbc)
    • Dental Consultation (Package)
    • Physician Consultation (Package)/li>
    • X-Ray Chest (PA)
    ₹1976/- ₹2470/-
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    Is laser treatment on teeth safe?

    The most common laser teeth treatment that people adopt is laser teeth whitening treatment. It is a fast and safe treatment option as it requires no invasive procedure. Thus, the process involves no bleeding and pain.

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