Is laser treatment on teeth safe?

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The most common laser teeth treatment that people adopt is laser teeth whitening treatment. It is a fast and safe treatment option as it requires no invasive procedure. Thus, the process involves no bleeding and pain. Moreover, as the process does not cause any pain, there is no requirement for anesthesia.

 You can say that the laser teeth whitening process is entirely safe and causes no damage to the teeth. And as for other laser treatment on teeth, all are covered under the state’s safety law and ensure that there is no damaging result.

Reasons why people consider laser treatment 

Some of the reasons why people choose laser treatment are:

Gum disease: People who want to reshape their gum or remove bacteria along with the root canal process.

Biopsy: Laser helps remove a part of tissue called biopsy so that doctor can check cancer. Moreover, it is also helpful in eliminating lesions to reduce the pain caused by cancer soreness.

Tooth decay: Laser helps people remove tooth decay and also to prepare the enamel for filling.

Teeth whitening: Laser treatment prepares the teeth for the teeth whitening process by speeding it up. The doctor first applies a peroxide bleaching solution and then activates it with laser energy. As a result, the whitening process speeds up.

Other benefits of the laser treatment

Apart from the decreased pain, there are other advantages of laser treatment too:

  • The chances of bacterial infection reduce because the laser disinfects the area. 
  • There is minimal bleeding in soft tissue as it promotes blood clotting.
  • You don’t need anesthesia for most of the treatment.
  • The recovery pace is high when talking about wounds. Moreover, the tissues can rejuvenate.
  • The process results in minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

The disadvantages of laser treatment

When you are searching for the advantages of laser treatment, you should also look for the weaknesses. Some of them are:

  • Some people are unable to opt for laser treatment for their teeth because of specific pre-existing issues. These issues can be the presence of components containing gums or teeth or pre-existing surrounding tissue. 
  • People who have fillings in their teeth like metal amalgam cannot have laser treatment.
  • If you are going for a hard laser, it may injure tooth pulp.
  • Where some do not require anesthesia, others still do.
  • You are at risk of gum injury.
  • The doctor may use drills to complete fillings, including correctly placing the bite, shaping, and polishing the filling.

The risk of laser treatment to teeth decreases if you get it treated with an experienced dentist. If the doctor uses the wrong power or wavelength, it can damage the surrounding tissue. So make sure to check the history and qualification of your doctor.


So summing it up, there is no significant risk relating to laser dentistry. However, you must ensure you are getting your treatment with a trusted doctor to avoid further complications. Also, ask your relatives for suggestions if you feel confused.

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